Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Month 2

In the past month, it seems like Aggie has come out of her little baby shell. She's starting to talk - just oohhhs - but they're deliberate oohhhs. And she'll move her mouth, as though mimicking speech. I love our little chats. She smiles when awake. She looks at things. It's awesome.

I also love when she's laying flat on her back on my lap, head dangling over my knees, and I pull her up - the look on her face when I do that, the chubbiness of her cheeks, the arch of her neck. Then I plant a big kiss on her cheek and lay her back down.

The kisses and the chats are what I miss most when I'm away.

My one pet peeve - she's started fighting sleep. At two months old. It's going to be a long childhood. Four hour naps, please come back. Or at least start sleeping through the night.

Unfortunately, my kisses gave Aggie my cold - her first. Mainly, she's congested. Jason really stepped up, taking two days off of work, taking her to the doctor and suctioning her nose like a mo-fo. Her little voice has gotten hoarse, so she gives these really sad, little squeaky cries. She's steadily getting better, poor girl.

I started back to work at the beginning of December - just 3 days a week. When I'm at work, she's goes to a sitter, who's just awesome. She sends me Aggie updates during the day. People have asked if it's hard to be back and the first day it was. I kept wanting to run to the sitter's to give her kisses. But after that, it's not been hard. I really, really appreciate having me time back. I get 40 min. in the car during my commute, all by myself, to do what I want. I get adult interaction with really cool people. I get to do work that is meaningful to me. And I get to be with her more days than I'm at work. All of it makes me a more relaxed mom - I'm not taking the time I do have with her for granted (as much). I think some people doubted that I would want to go back to work, but I always knew I would want to, that I couldn't be me without having a job. I'm really grateful that this is working out and working out so well.

Next week, Aggie has an in-depth hearing test. After she was born, she had three hearing tests and none could get conclusive readings in the left ear. I think she at least has partial hearing in that ear. I'm not too worried. Even if she's partially deaf in that ear, there's so much that can be done finding out now. Plus, it will make it easier to talk about things she shouldn't know about while she's around - just stand on her left side (so just kidding).

I've been focusing more on self-care. I've started seeing an acupuncturist/chiropractor, and I'm seeing my psychiatrist. I'm managing my OCD all right - the lack of sleep and added stress have ramped it up a bit. So, I am going to see about increasing my medication to help with managing it.

While I was pregnant, I had so many people in my life tell me how excited they were about the baby. And now that she's here, none of them will baby-sit or change a diaper. Just kidding. Now that she's here, they are even more excited and full of love for her. It's like she has a fan club. And I love that. And appreciate it more than I can ever express. For her to have love from so many different sources is just amazing and will make her life blessed. Thank you.

Favorite pic of the month (thanks, Aunty Heather):

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In Memorial: Rachel

Last night, we put Rachel to sleep. She stopped eating a week ago, though it took us a few days to realize that she was in fact not eating and not just being finicky. We realized it Thursday afternoon and our Vet is closed Fridays and the weekend. By Monday, she was barely conscious and her temp had dropped. The Vet tried on Monday to rehydrate her and raise her temp. He called us Tuesday to let us know that her kidneys had failed and that he recommended we put her to sleep. She went quickly and surrounded by love. We even got to hold her before she died - the only time we actually got to hold her in our 5 1/2 years together. It was a really nice way to spend our last moments together, almost as if she wanted to give us a gift. We buried her in the yard next to Paul with her laser pointer and a fresh catnip toy, then poured the rest of the half-and-half over her.

This picture, I feel, really captures the essence of Rachel. She was loving but also vindictive and a bit of a b*tch (in case you can't tell, she's deliberately planted her anus on the mouse). She had a rough exterior that hid a heart of gold. It took her many years to warm up to us. She really warmed up after Paul died, which was surprising to me - instead of becoming a recluse, she reached out to us for love and affection. Though I think not having Paul here once she became sick is what really did her in. We tried to cuddle with her, but we just never sat still enough for long enough. And I think she just really missed him.

Like with Paul, there's now a Rachel sized hole missing from our lives. The house feels very empty today.

Jason pointed out last night that her passing is an end of an era - the Paul & Rachel era. We adopted them 5 1/2 years ago - our first pets together. We went through so much - moving several times, getting new pets, then the baby. They taught us a lot. Me, specifically, they taught a lot about unconditional love - how to love someone as they are, not who we'd like them to be. They also helped me stop and take a moment to share love. And they gave me a glimpse of what it will be like to be a parent of a teenager.

I am grateful for the time we had together and the life we shared.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Month 1

I'm going to try to get this written while Aggie is giving me a moment of freedom.

Pictures are HERE.

Things are going great - truly. I can't believe she's already a month old - on one hand it seems like we brought her home just yesterday and on the other it seems as though she's been a part of the family forever. I think everyone has adapted nicely to her arrival - the pets pretty much ignore her and Jason and I have fallen into a good routine. While she was pretty mellow the first couple of weeks of her life, once her grandparents left town, she got grumpy. Not all the time - generally if I hold her, she calms down. Having gas seems to be at the root of her grumpiness. I'm trying to cut out dairy and we're going to try a different formula to see if that can make her gas easier for her to pass (we're doing a breast feeding/bottle combo).

What else? She travels awesome in the car - just falls right asleep, just like me. She and Bella sit in the back together - very cute. She also likes riding around in the Baby Bjorn, which is especially great, because I can strap her in and then putter around the house or go for a walk.

Many have asked how Motherhood is going but to be honest, I don't really feel like a mom yet - I feel like a very special caretaker. I equate motherhood with having to impart wisdom and guidance - right now, I just change diapers and outfits, feed and sing to her. But I enjoy doing those things, except when she's screaming at me. We have had talks about the screaming - I tell her she can be as loud as she wants, but she shouldn't scream or yell at me when she's upset. So, maybe I am mothering.

Things I miss from my old life - being able to go to the bathroom and shower when I wanted, and to run a quick errand. Let me tell you - if you're pregnant or thinking of becoming so, run all the errands you can! Once the baby's here, you have to pack the diaper bag, feed, change and put the baby in the car seat/stroller/carrier before heading out, which can take an hour plus. It can be worth it just to get out of the house, though.

My favorite things - when she falls asleep on my chest; her smiles (which mainly happen when she's asleep); kissing her neck; her big blue/brown eyes; when she reaches out for me; when one eye crosses and she looks like Jerry Lewis; when she sticks her tongue out; listening to Jason talk to her; and getting 3+ hours of sleep in a row. Oh, and this genius invention HERE.

Her nicknames: Muffin (Jason calls her that); Punkin (I do that); Fuss Budget (me again); and Aggers (both of us).

Who she's met: her great grandmothers; her paternal grandparents; 2 of her 3 maternal grandparents; her great uncle Carter; the Workmans; the Wests; the Bailey-Osborns; and Jason's co-workers.

My favorite picture:

Monday, October 19, 2009


There are the factual details of this event and the emotional. The factual I can recite (and will). The emotional - well, I've put off writing this post because of them, thinking I would get them sorted through and then write. But I realize now that that process will be on-going.

So, just the facts, to start:

On Friday, Oct. 9th, I saw my doctor. I was showing very few signs of being ready to go into labor. I was looking for an end date, so my doctor and I scheduled an inducement for Oct. 14th, just in case. That night, Jason and I went out to a very nice dinner at Saffron and had a great date night and a horrible case of heartburn (well, that was just me). The next morning, nada. So, I figured I had another day of being pregnant.

Around 11 am, we were getting ready for our day, when I stood up and a gush occurred (i.e., water broke). So, we headed to the hospital and got checked in and the contractions started. Not too bad at first, but they grew steadily more intense - and adding to the discomfort was being stuck in bed, strapped up to monitors for both the baby and I. I was able to get up and walk around a little but that was also uncomfortable. My parents showed up around this time, but both were coming down with a cold, so they hung out in the waiting area, popping in every so often.

After about 3 hours of contractions, I got an epidural. It took another hour to kick in, then everything was great. It was a fantastic epidural - I could still feel my legs and move around (in the bed). Jason and I then spent the next few hours hanging out, watching TV. We found Mexican wrestling and watched that to get us pumped up for pushing.

Around 8 pm, I started feeling some pressure and by 9, the doctor said I could start pushing. My mom and Jason were by my side, supporting my back when I raised up to push and encouraging me. My mom kept holding her breath and she almost passed out at one point. During the pushing, the nurse would hold up a mirror, so I could see my progress - the top of her head. The doctor was taking bets on how much the baby would weigh - she guessed 8 lbs, 6 oz and the others bet lower (I didn't bet). I kept wanting to ask what time it was, but resisted knowing that if I knew, it would make it feel like forever. I decided it would be the longest 15 minutes of my life - in actuality, it was 2 hours. At 11:14 pm, I pushed Agatha all the way out - while the song, Modern Girl by Sleater-Kinney was playing.

I don't remember much right after - I kinda went into an exhaustive haze. They asked if I wanted to hold her, so I did, while Jason cut the umbilical cord (and he didn't pass out! So proud of him!). He says I cried. Then the nurses took her because she was being stubborn and not breathing much, so they gave her some oxygen - I remember I kept asking Jason if she was really all right. Then they cleaned her up and weighed her - 9 lbs, 3.1 oz!!! I guess my pasta and ice cream diet during the final weeks of the pregnancy really paid off. Later, they measured her at she was 21.5 in. long.

I got to hold her again and she was beautiful. I never imagined our baby would be so beautiful.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Time's Up!

Technically, my due date is Thursday, but today, I turn 40 weeks - or something like that. Pregnancy math is hard.

I'm doing all right - nauseated, tired and uncomfortable. I now understand scheduled C-sections and inductions. I saw a doctor yesterday (I say a doctor because he was not my regular doc, who's out of town) and he said they wouldn't let me go past 41 weeks, which is a week from Thursday. Praise the unicorns! My boss is now letting me work from home full-time, bless her. Which is extra awesome because night gowns are the most comfortable thing to wear right now, but not so work appropriate.

I had a few real contractions yesterday - wowza. When I have them, I'm trying to not fear the pain. I accept that in order for this to be over and to have our daughter, there has to be pain and I have to go through it. So, I'm trying to welcome it, in a way.

Congratulations to Sid & Maralea and Sam & Hilleri on their new babies - both born healthy and mamas are doing well. I told Aggie that she did the polite thing in waiting for them to be born first but now she can hurry up and get moving.

Special thanks to my folks who've been providing awesome assistance and support - they've turned into my house cleaners, chauffeurs and errand runners. Greatly appreciated.

Poor Rachel, the cat - she has a bladder infection and decided to alert us to it by peeing all over the baby's room. We did take her to the vet and got her some meds. Last night, she was feeling a bit frisky and jumped up on the wood stove, which had a live fire in it, and burnt her paws. Poor girl - truly a rough day. She's been mainly sleeping today. And, of course, not drinking her antibiotics.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


How time has flown. I remember early on it seemed that this pregnancy was going to take forever. And suddenly, she's almost here.

I've been having contractions and some painful false labor. Or pre-labor. Whatev - it ain't the stuff that brings the baby out! But it sure does hurt. Yes, I foresee an Epidural in my future.

My parents have moved over to M-F but are now in Portland, so my dad can have some minor surgery. I'm glad they can be here and meet their granddaughter when she arrives, provided she doesn't do it before Thursday - something I'm not discouraging at this point. Though, for some unknown reason, I'd like her to have an October birthday.

So, really, just waiting, doing little projects, waiting, reading, waiting, watching movies and, yup, more waiting. I poke her every once in a while and say: "Are you ready to come out yet? Now would be good."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

2? 2!

Um....not much to report really. Things are going great. I'm sleeping better. The baby is moving more but that's more fun than anything. Jason is nesting by putting together emergency kits for us, rearranging furniture and reading a book about being a good birthing partner. My mom and dad move to town this weekend. And we got the second car seat (thanks so much, Amanda!) and it's installed.

We did purchase a brand new couch yesterday. A real couch - not a futon. And we paid for it with cash.
We have waited years to make this purchase - I'm very proud of us. And it's so comfy! The pets have already licked and scratched it but it shows no signs of it! Next purchase will be a coffee table. The main requirement for it - that it be of an appropriate height for a toddler to color at. The things you consider when becoming a parent.

One rant - a rant for all my pregnant friends out there. I was talking to a woman (a never-been-pregnant lady) on Monday about the baby and she said, "Cora, I think I'm more excited about this baby than you are!" Thankfully, I was driving at the time, so I couldn't punch her. I was able to make a calm response, though I wanted to pull over and say, "F-off and get out of my car." For me, personally, it's difficult to maintain an emotion like excitement over long periods of time, much less 9 1/2 months. And as excited as I am to become a parent, I still have to give birth, something I'm not excited about. Also, it was 6:30 pm - after a long day of work and then 2 hours spent with 20-somethings, so I was extra exhausted. But I don't need to justify myself, that was just a plain rude thing to say. I'm working on forgiving her, since 98% of the time she is a delightful person to be around.

To repeat last week's lesson - please, I implore you - do not ask a pregnant woman, especially one 8+ months if she is excited. If you must ask her anything, ask her if she'd like a comfy chair or a beverage/snack.

And there endeth the lesson.

P.S. Shout-out to my friends, Maralea and Sid, who's due date is today!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Only 3 to go

It seems as though my third trimester has turned into my first trimester. I've been nauseated for much of it, I'm on the emotional roller coaster and I'm having strange cravings (spaghettios mixed with mac n' cheese, anyone?). (By the way, I haven't actually tried that...yet.)

The doc says everything looks good - she's in the proper downward position, facing my back. Her movements are getting stronger - her actual pushes can be a bit uncomfortable. And a foot or two has found it's way into my rib cage. I don't blame her, but I keep telling her that's all the room she's got. Oh yes, and I'm also the picture of health. The picture of health on swollen lumps otherwise known as feet. Good thing my pedicure is still in good shape.

Today is my first day working from home. From now until she makes her debut, I'll spend the first part of the week at the office and the last part at home. Even though I still have to work while home, at least I can sneak in a nap when I need it.

I'd like to address one issue, primarily for those of you who haven't been pregnant or it's been so long that you forgot - please don't tell a pregnant woman how soon she's due. She knows that already, better than anyone else. And don't ask her if she's excited - she most likely is, but she's also tired, swollen and uncomfortable and facing a major life changing experience - labor - that could happen at any time. If you must say something, tell her she looks radiant and offer her a comfy chair and a mango smoothie. Okay, that's what I wish people would say to me, but you get the gist.

P.S. Approximately two years ago, Hugo came into our lives. How the time has flown! He's so big now. I predict I will be saying the same thing two years from now about someone else.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

4 more! Weeks that is.

We have officially passed the 4 week mark! I am excited, anxious and a little impatient. Some days, I am so ready for this to be over. Others, I'm content with her baking a little longer, getting those last bits of growth in.

This past weekend, we had a great "last hurrah" with friends in the Wallowa Mountains in Eastern Oregon. It was relaxing and fun. Thanks, gang.

One thing that has been on my mind is how judgmental I can be of other pregnant women. One of the first things I recognized going into this experience is how different it is for each woman. Recognizing that, I should know that, of course, women would act differently than I would. I apologize to my friends, co-workers, strangers and celebrities for judging their actions.

I have had to judge Rachel, the cat's, actions. She has taken to peeing in the baby's room, so we've had to lock her out. She tries like heck to get back in - she really loves that room. She obviously has great taste.

Okay, off to do some prenatal yoga.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

5 remaining

Though, I keep telling people I only have 4 weeks left - wishful thinking or prophetic statement?

Monday was rough - I was done with being pregnant. I strained or pulled or something a muscle in my left foot over the weekend and was also very nauseated most of the day. And I had to be outside at a work event in 90+ temps. Not fun. But, somehow, I managed to survive.

We packed the bag for the hospital. Next week, we'll install the car seats.

It's another late night/early morning post - gas bubbles are keeping me awake.

Today, as I was doing some shopping in town, I had a realization - how hard must it be for women who choose to give their children up for adoption. Because I'm now so visibly pregnant, most folks will comment - ask when I'm due, what I'm having, what her name is and if I'm excited. And perhaps not all the women who choose adoption feel bad when asked those questions, but it would be hard for me.

Wow, so, this post is a bit of a downer - really, I just think I'm tired.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Jason and I ordered Chinese food the other night, and this was the fortune in my cookie:

"Your dearest dream is about to come true."

So very, very true.

While it's getting physically harder to be pregnant, I'm really enjoying this part of the pregnancy - I feel like I have a wonderful surprise waiting for me and, for once, I'm savoring the surprise. I'm very excited to meet this person - I wonder what she'll be like and who she'll become and am relishing the challenge of trying to let her do just that while meeting her needs and giving her guidance.

I've always like the quote about how becoming a parent means you live with your heart walking around outside your body. But I realize now that I already do that - my heart lives in all the people love - she'll just have a bigger chunk than most.

This week, I've finally gotten the weepiness most pregnant ladies get and have cried several times. And I'm about to do it again. I want to thank all of you who've been so supportive throughout this period in my life - giving me encouragement, advice and lots of love. Even if it was just via the internet, it has meant so very much to me. Thank you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


You probably don't remember this post (from March 2007), but I do and it's been weighing on my mind a little. It's time to come clean -

When we take Bella to the park, we let her run around, leash-less.

We let Bella out into the yard without a tether and no supervision (and no fence).

Yes, we've become "one of those people" I was railing against, all those many months ago.

I won't even try to justify it - but do feel the need to add that we do take a leash with us to the park, practice heal-ing and pick up all her poops.

There. My conscience feels a little lighter.

6 weeks!

Big shout out to my parents for putting together the baby's room. Oh man, they assembled the crib, making their own dowels so it would go together and could still be used as a toddler bed one day, hung the ceiling fan, created a mobile and sorted through mountains of clothing. I helped, but I also napped while they worked, went to the hardware store and bought lunch. They're amazing. Pics of the room are HERE.

And another amazing thing about the room? The only things we've purchased specifically for the room are the plant and pot, the pad on the rocking chair and the ABC poster and frame. Everything else was either donated, gifted or repurposed. I'm so proud. And very grateful for the gifts and donations - thank you!

And Rachel (the cat) has decided to sleep in the crib. It's so cute - she curls up on the pee mat (the mat designed to absorb diaper leakage). Please, no lectures about the dangers of cats and babies - once a screamer/flailer is sleeping in there, she'll steer clear.

Jason and I visited the hospital today, filling out all the paper work and taking the tour. I cried after the visit because it was all so overwhelming (though the hospital staff were super awesome). I'm facing a big task that I can't really prepare for or anticipate or control and that makes me anxious. I am trying to be honest about my fears and anxiety, so they don't erupt during delivery. I'm also reading Birthing From Within and that's helping too - I thought it was a major hippy-dippy book, but a friend told me to skip the art projects, women's circles chapters (great for some, just not me) and get to the good stuff and she was right.

So, perhaps you noticed the time on this post. Well, I was lying awake, thinking about work (not even about my to-do list, just random stuff), so I decided to get up and read for a while. Then I had the flash of genius to eat a small bowl of ice cream. Let me tell you, a bowl of sugar doesn't help one get over the inability to sleep so well. My brain isn't producing the logic so much today.

On a sad note, my great aunt passed away last week (the one living with my grandmother in the assisted living facility). She died in her sleep. My grandma seems to be doing pretty well. She decided to stay in the facility (hallelujah!) and moved into a studio. I miss my aunt, but I don't really feel sad - she lived a good life, was a great woman and died peacefully, knowing she was loved.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

7 to go!

I think our nesting instincts are starting to kick in. I washed more of her clothes and blankets and bought everything on our "Need to Have" list. Jason cut down all the trees that lined our deck, spread the beauty bark hiding under them, trimmed the rose bushes and put up the floor trim in the baby's room. This weekend, I plan to work with my parents on setting up and decorating her room. And clean out the hall closets, so we have space for her stuff. And if I thought we'd have time, I'd paint the ceiling in the kitchen too.

I've been suffering from some nausea for the past couple of days - not sure if it's a stomach bug (thanks, Victoria) or late onset morning sickness. Saw the doctor last Friday and baby is doing great. When she moves now, you can see it from the outside - things are a wee bit cramped in there. So far, she's only tried a couple times to move into my rib cage area.

I got my maternity leave hammered out yesterday. Starting Sept. 14, I'll work 2 days a week from home until she arrives, then I'll have 60 days off. After that, I'll go back to work for 60 days part-time (3 days a week) and then we'll see from there. And during all this time, my benefits are paid in full (thank goodness). I think it's a pretty good arrangement. I always wanted to take 6 months off, but we just can't afford that.

So, one of the pets found our pile of cloth diapers and decided to test them out for us. They worked like a charm, and cleaned up really well. We can't decide if it was because the diapers might still have had the scent of urine on them or that one of them figured out we'll be bringing home a new member of the family soon and decided to protest. Kudos to them, though, they didn't pee on the piles of baby clothes next to the diapers.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

8 to go

Time is going by so fast! We've now gotten most of what we need to bring her home and will get the rest this weekend. I have this irrational belief that if I'm ready for her now, she'll come on time; if I'm not, she'll come early.

I saw my doc again on Friday and she prescribed me another round of antibiotics to clear up the last of my lung issues and it's working. So, no more coughing and no more husky, 3 pack a day smoker voice. I still have some ribs giving me issues. My doc said that the ribs are made of bone and cartilage and where those two meet is where they expand during pregnancy - so, essentially I'm experiencing growing pains. I don't recall growing (during my youth) hurting quite this much, but it's not constant and it's slowly getting better.

Stretch marks! I finally got some, mainly around my belly button and underneath my belly. I've been applying Vitamin E oil. I don't mind them so much.

Unrelated note - we got my grandmother and great aunt's things moved into their new apartment and they move in tomorrow. Grandma's struggling a bit, but who wouldn't - she's been in her house for 45 years. And they can have dogs at their new place, so Bella can still come and visit - those ladies love them some Bella.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Marriage is gay

Marriage is gay

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My question - if marriage is a holy or sanctified institution - where does my marriage to Jason fit in? Those of you at our wedding (and sober enough to remember it) may recall we did not invoke God (just Spiritual Warrior Sam), nor did we make any vows.

Friday, August 07, 2009

9 to go

We're in single digits now, folks! Which is not as frightening as I thought it would be, despite still having much to do. Well, the only thing we really need to do in order to bring her home from the hospital is buy and install a car seat. The rest is just icing.

I saw my baby doc last Friday - baby is doing great, with a strong heart beat and my stomach has the right measurements, so we assume she's growing well too.

The doc was very concerned about my cough and thought I had a lung infection, so she put my on antibiotics (my third round since getting pregnant) and it has cleared most of it up - hallelujah! I see my regular doc today in the hopes she can help get the last bit cleared up.

So, we are up to our eyeballs in baby clothes (much of it pink - yech). Jason's coworker brought him three garbage bags of baby clothes yesterday. Seriously, we have so much clothing, we could dress her in an outfit once and then just throw it away (we won't do that, though). Once we have a dresser, we'll sort through the stuff and give away some of the bounty (though not any of the super cute things we got at our showers).

On a non-baby related note, Jason and I are headed to Lewiston this weekend to help move my grandma and my great aunt into assisted living. They'll be sharing an apartment. Again I say, hallelujah! Fingers crossed that it works out and they stay, at least through the winter.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

10 to go

Let the countdown begin! I can't believe that next week, we'll be in single digits. We're pretty much prepared for her arrival, meaning we've got most of what we need - all we have left is to get a car seat. No, her room isn't finished or the crib put together nor do we have nearly enough diapers. But, we've got almost all we need to welcome her home. Hopefully she'll give us another 10 weeks to finish the to-do list.

This weekend we head to Portland for 2 baby-showers! I'm excited to be celebrating my friends' impending arrivals, as well as my own.

My coughing and allergies are slowly getting better. I still sound very hoarse and everyone asks if I have a bad cold. Maybe in another week I'll have my regular voice back.

Last Sunday, Jason and I (and Bella too) went to Jubilee Lake, about an hour from our home. We took our inflatable kayak out on the lake and paddled around. I even paddled - it was great to get some physical activity that didn't leave me almost immediately out of breath. But, I did strain some abdomen muscles on my left side and boy do they hurt. But they got sore the next day, so we had a great time on Sunday enjoying the out-of-doors.

We're starting the mighty hunt for childcare. It's hard - on the one hand, I absolutely believe in having others care for my child. I was a day care kid and I think I greatly benefitted from interaction with other adults and children. On the other hand, I don't want anyone else to take care of my baby, especially when she's so little. I'm hoping to figure out a way to postpone day care until she's 3 months, but I'm not sure that will be possible. We'll probably only be able to afford me taking 6 weeks maternity leave, then back to part-time for 3 months. I'm fairly sure my work will let me work from home part of the time, but I will need to go into the office for some of it too. And I can't and don't want to bring her into work with me. For one thing, I work at a place where bomb threats are not entirely unexpected (not that we've ever had any but it's a hazard of where I work) and I would hate to subject my co-workers to a screaming baby. Sigh.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

28 & 29

Well, we survived the DC trip. Just prior to leaving, I learned that I was quite anemic and developed a lovely cough that was allergy related. Traveling seemed to exacerbate both. Poor Jason - he was quite the trooper - taking care of me, getting little to no sleep (thanks to the coughing) and still managing to have some fun. I'm finally on the mend but still plagued by hacking fits.

The baby is doing great. I saw the doctor Monday and all looks good. And I passed my Glucose test, which wasn't bad at all - nothing like the horror stories I'd read. I worry about tempting the fates by saying this - but the baby is super nice about her kicking. She doesn't do it too often, it's never very hard and only once has she found my bladder. Now that I've written this, let the kicking rampage begin.

While we were in DC, my mom took care of the pets and painted her little heart out. The baby's room is now a lovely shade of light blue, our kitchen a fabulous bright blue and one of the living room walls a shade of apricoty-yellow that we're not sold on (we picked the colors, not her). She also painted our dresser and spray painted my bed side table gold, which looks awesome. And she washed all the baby clothes, the baby bedding and my car and cleaned the house. The woman is the Energizer Bunny.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Haven't been feeling the best this past week. I think I let myself get pretty dehydrated. It's been super hot here. But, I've been drinking lots of gatorade, eating soup and watermelon and I think I'm on the mend.

Friday afternoon Jason and I leave for DC. I have a work conference there and he's never been, so we're taking some extra days and making it a vacation. I'm excited to get far away from the every day. Plus, it will be fun to explore DC with a newbie. I don't have much on my list of must-sees, since I've been to DC 3 times, but I do want to visit the National Geographic Museum and the Smithsonian art museums. And!!!! As part of the work conference, I get to lobby Oregon's two Senators - I'm so excited!

Oh, yeah, the baby. She's been good - moving a lot at certain times of the day on a pretty consistent schedule. In the evenings, she likes to rest on my sciatic nerve, causing my right butt cheek to spasm, making walking impossible. Fun times. Rolling over at night has become an Olympic event. It really should be a sport - can you imagine dozens of pregnant women rolling over in beds, being critiqued by judges on the quickness of the turn, the arc of the turn, how quickly they can settle comfortably and be back asleep and if they wake their fellow bedmates or not. Right now, I'd only get a score of 2.5 out of 6.0.

Once we return from DC, I have another doctor's appointment in which I get to take the infamous glucose test, where you drink a super sugary substance, hang out, then they test your blood or urine or something. If I'm very lucky, I'll just be tired after the test from the sugar rush - hopefully I won't also have a headache and feel the need to vomit.

No post next week - 28 - since I'll be away, away, far away from computers.

Much love.

Friday, July 03, 2009


The weeks are really starting to fly by, esp. since people keep telling me October is right around the corner (stop saying that! geez...).

Not much to report - still feeling pretty good, baby moving a lot but gives me periods of reprieve.

Oh, we did have our first baby shower last weekend. Jason's mom's family threw us one and it was awesome - they went all out. It was a lot of fun and we got some cute and needed items. We have diapers now, so now all we need is a car seat and we'll be ready. We did receive some very cute pink clothing items, so we can indulge her girly side, should she have one.

One thing that's bugging me - people ask how I'm feeling, how I'm sleeping, etc., and when I say great, many will reply: "Well, that'll change soon." Um, thanks for raining on my parade? I know things are going to get more uncomfortable, but let's focus on the good while it's here, shall we?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Isn't she just the cutest?

Taken at Discovery Park, Seattle.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

24 & 25

Things are all good with Baby D & Momma Me. We've just been very busy - well, I've been busy and she's been going along for the ride. We had a doctor's appointment last week - all is looking good. Her kicks are getting stronger and I think she's started doing somersaults.

I can't believe we only have 15 more weeks to go - that seems like such a short and long time all at once. I have my first baby shower this weekend. Jason's mom's family is throwing me one at the family reunion we're going to this weekend. I'm excited.

On an unrelated note - our last fish, Mingo, passed away over the weekend. He was really sick and nothing we did was helping,
so it's a relief, but also sad - I keep forgetting and will look for him or remind myself to feed him. And we're dealing with the loss of Paul pretty well, though we still really miss him. With Rachel - I think she's both missing him and reveling in the attention vacuum his loss has left. Unfortunately, she's filling it with lots and lots of incessant meowing.

And here's a picture of the happy pack at Discovery Park in Seattle. We had a great visit with Sam, Hilleri, Aaron, Marlene and Amanda.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I can feel her kick and move!  What I thought was gas was the baby.  And one night last week, she gave me a good whap and made the hand resting on my belly jump.  Jason has also been able to feel her move a little.  We've started reading her stories, which is a nice bonding time as a family (or pack, since Bella is right there with us).

Today, I'll see my mom and dad for the first time in 9 months and they'll get to "meet" the baby.  My mom is ridiculously excited - I'm so glad she's coming.  We'll start plotting baby room decor.

Cravings - I thought I wasn't having them, but realized I have been.  I've been loving deli sandwiches, but that love might be coming to an end, since I've eaten so many of them.  And trail mix.  And smoothies.

Sleeping is starting to be more cumbersome - finding a position that is both comfortable for the belly and comfortable for the rest of me.  Jason assures me that I must be sleeping well at some points in the night because I've been snoring strong the last two nights.  Poor guy.  It must be extra special when Bella and I snore in unison.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dearest Paul

Yesterday evening, our dear, sweet Paul passed away.  Jason and I decided to have him put to sleep.  He was 14 years old and feeling every minute of it - he could barely walk and was skin and bones.  It was a very tough decision because he was still quite lucid.  But it was the right one.  He went quickly and painlessly.  Jason and I buried him in the yard, under a nice memorial that includes a Japanese maple and other plantings.  

And we buried him with his Guy.  The Guy was his very favorite toy - we bought it for him four years ago.  Originally, it was a faux orange fur rectangle filled with catnip. Over the years he gummed most of the fur off and it was a dingy brown color.  But, try as we might, he would never let us replace it.  That was the only toy he'd play with.  He'd carry it around and talk to it while it was in his mouth, then he'd alternately rub his head on it and beat it up.  And if it was missing, he'd have us find it.  So we thought they should stay together.

Today was hard - the first day without The Buddy.  The house feels a little bit emptier without him.

Rachel, his feline companion of 7+ years, is doing all right.  We brought him home and brought him inside so she could see him.  She fled from his body, hid and later peed on the floor, but after that she seemed better.  She still seems a bit distracted and lost.  They had a very unique relationship - they weren't related but found each other at the cat shelter where we adopted them.  They took very good care of each other and could also be complete jerks to one another.  Thankfully, she's taken to Hugo, though not in the same way she took to Paul, but having Hugo around helps, I think.  Prior to Hugo, I don't know if she could've survived Paul's death, they were that connected.

So, this is a tribute of sorts to The Buddy, The Orange Guy, The Old Man, The A-hole - Paul.  We love him and we miss him.

(Picture by Heather Binns, 2009)

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Last night we went to our first parenting class - Newborn Care.  Jason learned how to wrap the baby like a burrito.  We practiced some birthing relaxation techniques.  It was good but I'm a little overwhelmed by the prospect of bringing the baby home.  The birth isn't concerning me (yet) - it's just something we have to survive and we'll have people assisting us.  But once she's home, we're on our own.  Just a wee bit intimidating.

My belly is continuing to grow - or it might be the burrito I had the other night - not certain.  I've been far less critical of my body as my belly has started expanding.  I actually think I'm kind of beautiful.  It seems my body was meant to be round and full.  I hope I can keep that perspective once I've given birth and my body is more wrinkly and saggy.

My mom arrives next week, which means we can get started putting together the baby's room!  I'm very excited - I like decorating.  We're going to attempt to lay the flooring in our bedroom this weekend.   I also hope to make it to the nearby pool to test out my new maternity suit.  And we're going to a little friend's birthday party - well, the adult portion of it.  I love that her parents are having a kid and an adult party.  As much as I adore our little friend, I just don't think I could hang with her 6 year old friends - I'm not nearly that cool.

Friday, May 29, 2009

21 Weeks: Over the Hump

This has been the best pregnancy week so far.  I've really enjoyed knowing baby's gender - much more than I thought I would - and it's been fun sharing with people and referring to her as "Aggie."  I've felt great - been sleeping well, getting exercise and only needed to take one nap (after a weekend of 6 naps).  Still haven't felt any definitive movement, though maybe I've felt something.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Jason laid new laminate flooring in the baby's room and 
the hallway - it looks fantastic.  But poor Jason, it was much slower, tougher work than either of us expected.  I wasn't much help - between the 6 naps and not being able to bend over much because it made my tummy sore - he did 99.8% of the work.  And he had to lay the flooring the room twice.  The first time, we left the carpet pad down because it was in great shape, but it made the floor very bouncy.  So, we pulled it up, tore up the pad and then he relaid the floor.  He was quite the trooper.  The picture is of the baby's room, which is still functioning as the cat's room.  Once my mom arrives in for the summer, we'll start decorating.

Jason and I have been slowly realizing just how much this baby is going to change our lives.  And that we have no way of really preparing for it.  That it's best just to be open to the change and let it unfold as it happens.  It's exhilarating, really, to be so open.  I normally try to plan and prepare for everything.

I must confess, though, today wore me out.  I worked a full day, then ran errands, picked up the dog, went to the park, ran more errands then came home and fed all the pets.  And I'm pooped.  I can't imagine the fatigue that scenario will gain once a baby's added.  

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cheeseburger Wins It!

We are having a girl!  Jason was right all along.  

She is healthy and developing just fine.

Our first name choice is Agatha, and we'll hold on to Zelda as a back-up, just in case she clearly isn't an Agatha when she's born.

We are thrilled, since we both really wanted a daughter and have for a long time.  I'm a tiny bit sad about not having a boy.  I had been preparing myself for a son - I didn't want to be disappointed just because our child had external genitalia instead of internal.  

But now, bring on the cheeseburgers!  We be havin' a girl child!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Week 20: Halfway!!!

The baby bump.  I finally feel like I look like I have a baby bump, rather than looking like I just ate a very large meal.

Ultrasound is Friday - we'll find out if it's a cheeseburger or a hot dog in there.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week 19

Seeing this picture, I know my nurturing instincts have already kicked in.  I want to say, "Yo!  Liver, stomach, intestines - move over and give that kid some room!"

I am doing much better than last week.  Saw the doctor and got on some antibiotics and they've pretty much cleared all the yuckiness up.  And gave me a wicked yeast infection.  But at least I don't feel like death warmed over.

In the past two weeks, I found out my two pregger friends are having a boy and a girl respectively.  We find out a week from tomorrow.  I may delay next week's post until we have the results.  My friend, Sarah, is certain we're having twins.  Please send non-twin vibes our way.

What else?  Oh!  I celebrated my first Mother's Day!  I received earrings and breakfast from my fabulous baby-daddy and a card from my folks.

I'm kind of wearing maternity clothes, though  most my pants sag 'cause I don't have the belly to hold them up.  I can still wear my regular pants, though they are snug when I sit down.  I wish it would hurry up and get warm here, so I could just wear skirts and dresses.  I had a dream last night that it was September already and summer was over and we didn't have any hot weather.  Talk about a nightmare.

Not sure if I've felt the baby kick.  Occasionally, I'll get a quick dull pain in my abdomen - is it the baby?  Gas?  Something else I'd rather not know about?  

I'm on the TV again!

The commercial runs through twice.  It's going to be aired next week in Yakima, WA, during the American Idol finale.  The woman playing my doctor is actually my boss.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

18 Weeks = 5 Months

I love pregnancy math - it's kind of like new math.  You used to think 20 weeks was 5 months, but no, in pregnancy it's 18.

So, still getting over my cold which might be allergies.  Or not.  Lots and lots of coughing.  So tired of the coughing.  At least snot has stopped coming out my eye.  Yes, you read that right, and yes, that's really gross.  But what the hey?!?  Snot.  Out of my eye.  As you can guess, I have not focused much on the fact that a being the size of a watermelon will be coming out of my cervix five months from now.  Right now, the snot out of my eye is all I can handle.

Other than that, been feeling all right.  Sometimes my lower abdomen gets a little sore.  Still haven't felt the baby move - or I have but thought it was gas.  Thankfully, the massive gas attacks have held off while I've been dealing with my coughing and sneezing.  My body can be nice like that.

I had a great birthday celebration this past weekend.  My dear friends, Heather, Sarah, Maralea and Sid, came to visit, bringing with them a delicious Vegan cake that I am still eating on.  Oh yes, and they brought their sparkling personalities and much patience for my crabby, snotty, coughing self.  And Jason was a trooper, picking up the slack when I felt like absolute crap.

It's still two weeks until the Ultrasound and I'm anxious.  Not because I'm dying to find out the sex, but because I want to make sure the baby is still in there.  Where it would have gone without me knowing, I don't know.  But I'm a worrier, so I worry.  It's a lot of pressure, carrying a baby.  So far, the baby seems to be doing just fine on it's own and so is my body, without much assistance from my mental self.  But I have a hard time trusting that.  I wish I could have an Ultrasound once a week, though that would probably just make me want one once a day.  Can you imagine after the child's born?  It's a lot to take in.  

Plus, I just finished reading Heather Armstrong's (aka dooce) new book, It Sucked & Then I Cried (thanks, Heathy!).  It's about how she got pregnant and started in a down word, depressive spiral (is there an upward moving depressive spiral?) and how she rose out of it again.  Great book.  But, I could see myself in the descriptions of her depression and I'm scared. I really don't want to go back to my dark place - with or without a baby, but especially not with a baby.  I am still taking my meds, though sometimes my hormones override them.  I have a great doctor I can call anytime.  I'm just afraid.  Last week, while prepping the house for our guests, I started down the OCD road and didn't realize it at first.  Once I did realize it, I turned myself around and got off that path.  Which is great.  Yay for me!  I guess I'd just hoped that path had been erased and was no longer an option.  I just hope I can keep realizing it before I tumble over the cliff.

Okay, enough navel gazing - which is getting easier with each passing week of pregnancy.  I'm off to read and to try not to cough.

Thanks for reading.    

Thursday, April 30, 2009


We had a doctor's appointment last week and got to hear the baby's heart beat.  The doctor had some trouble finding it because the baby wouldn't sit still, which is good.  On May 22, we'll have our ultrasound and find out what the sex is.  People have had some interesting reactions to us finding out about the sex - saying once we know that we can really start planning the nursery and buying things.  Personally, I like the gender neutral stuff.  It's weird to think how much baby stuff reinforces the child's sex/gender - at a time in their lives when they don't even know they have arms, much less if they have a penis or vagina.  

My belly is starting to grow and get more solid.  No new cravings.  Oh, yeah, I'm sick - again - thanks, Dad, who passed it along.  Not too bad though.

Today is my 32nd birthday.  Yesterday I went and renewed my driver's license.  I also had to get a new license picture, despite the last one being taken a little over a year ago.  Wowza - I thought my last picture was bad.  The DMV employee actually took my picture twice because the first one was so bad - well, the second one didn't turn out that great either.  It's all my head and cuts me off just under my double-chin.  Not flattering in the least.  Jason asked if I was drunk when they took it.

I got to celebrate my birthday last weekend and will again this weekend.  Jason got me some lovely maternity clothes and spent 2 hours helping me pick them out.  Apparently, maternity clothes makers assume pregnant women have huge bellies and stove pipe legs, a look that is not so flattering for the thunder thighs.  But, I found some awesome cargo pants that I just might never take off until the delivery.

And seeds - he got me more seeds to plant in our yard.  I already started a butterfly garden (flowers that will attract butterflies) and chives.  Now, I'll also have basil, spearmint, catnip and sunflowers.  Yay, spring!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sweet 16

Happy Earth Day!  The only environmentally friendly thing I plan to do today is to drive my Prius to work and take a walk in the sunshine.  Oh, and take out the recycling.  Not super Earth friendly, but it's what I got in me.

The only craving I have in an on-going one - Eggplant, specifically cooked in garlic sauce, Chinese-style.  Yum.  Not sure when I'll be itching that scratch, since the local Chinese restaurants don't serve Eggplant and Jason hates it.  Oy - me and my first world problems.

I've kinda got a belly going - it's getting harder to suck in.  It has been wonderfully warm and sunny this week, so I've been wearing dresses that enhance the belly.  

I'm a little crabby right now - had very vivid, anxiety-filled dreams last night and was also plagued by gas, uncomfortable stomach gas that lasts all night.  Granted, I ate some peanut butter last night, which did not help the situation.  I love peanut butter, but it does not love me, or should I say, my tummy does not love it and my taste buds do.  I didn't have food sensitivities until about 2 years ago and I'm still adjusting.  Before then - an iron stomach.  I miss it.

On an unrelated note, I figured out why I love living out here so much.  It's being able to see the land.  The landscapes around here are not untouched by humans - most of the countryside is farm land.  But it's land not dominated by human existence.  I can see nature in a grand expanse.  And that makes me very content.  I think it comes from spending summers in Alaska, where you might live in the city, but you can see majestic mountain ranges all round and after a 10 minute drive you can be in the middle of a forest.  I took a walk in a nature preserve on Monday and relished in the silence.  Or should I say near silence - the bees were buzzing, birds chirping, and fertilizer planes spraying fields.  But it was pretty darn quiet.  I love that. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little 15

So, I have agreed to find out the sex of the baby.  As I mentioned before, Jason wants to know and I don't.  But, just 'cause I'm the momma, I don't feel like that's a good enough reason to not have him find out.  He's good at keeping a secret, but I'm awful knowing there is a secret that I don't know.  So, I've decided not to torture myself and Jason in the weeks following him finding out and have just given in.  Though, I've given Jason permission to change his mind.  We still have five weeks before we can find out, but whew, that decision is made (that's to be read with sarcasm folks).

I had a bit of belly envy on Saturday.  I went out for my dear friend, Sarah's, birthday, along with two other pregnant ladies.  They both had beautifully round, bulgy bellies.  Me?  I have a round tummy looks like a pregnant tummy, but can be sucked in and made to disappear.  Basically, it's all fat.  Granted, these ladies are farther along than I am.  Fingers crossed I 'pop' soon.

No new cravings this week.  Feeling tired despite sleeping a lot, exercising and eating pretty healthy.  Got another pregnancy shirt - shows lots of cleavage - ooh la la.

New girl's name idea - Zelda (yes, like the princess and the writer's wife)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Week 14

I realized I have forgotten to share the upsides of pregnancy.  The bestest part?  No period!  For ten months!  It seriously rocks.  Not that my periods were bad or painful, just awkward, despite having them for 20+ years.  It's a nice vacation.

The second best part - gaining weight.  For the first time in 20 or so years, my focus has shifted from losing weight to gaining weight.  Even when I tried to be happy with my body and not worry about weight, it was so ingrained in my head that I still struggled with it.  Now, after workouts, I have to remind myself that the point isn't to lose weight, but to simply reap the benefits of exercise.  When I eat a salad or have fruit for a snack, it's about getting the vitamins the baby and I both need.  It's such a nice mental shift.  I hope I can maintain it once the pregnancy is over.

This week's food love - peanut butter.  So good.  I'm no longer interested in Jello, Fig Newtons or pickles.  My cravings seem to go in a weekly cycle.  

I did find a pair of maternity jeans!  And guess what?!?  They're too big - I don't have enough tummy yet to keep them up.  But once I do, I will be stylin'.  

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lucky 13

Got to see the wee one last Friday.  S/he was just dancin' around in the womb, refusing to sit still.  It was so awesome.  I still have a hard time really making the connection that I'm carrying that little one, that s/he is inside of me.  

So, this past week hasn't been so lucky for me.  I had a stomach virus last week and a cold or allergies this week.  Yay!  Went all winter without a sniffle and in two weeks, I get sick twice.

On Sunday, we visited our friends Matt & Jan and they spoiled us rotten.  They had saved much of their stuff from when their daughter was a baby and are now donating it to us.  Seriously, we're pretty much set, thanks to them.  The only major purchase we'll need to make is a car seat.  Not only do I really appreciate them saving us all that money, but also, I really wanted to try to get as much second hand stuff as possible for the babe, because s/he will grow out of it so quickly or use it for a comparatively short time.  Plus - reuse, the least popular of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

With that said, I still registered for the baby.  There are a couple things we need and many things we don't, but we're so darn cute, I just couldn't resist.  We're registered at Target and Babies 'R' Us.  

So, I did try to figure out the gender of the baby using the Chinese method, which uses the month you conceived + the mother's age to determine boy or girl.  According to the Chinese, I have a 50/50 chance of having a boy or a girl.  Um, thanks very much Chinese.  I could've told myself that (and in fact have).

And do you know how hard it is for a bigger lady like myself to find maternity pants?  I want to shout, "You know, fatties get knocked up too!"  

Speaking of getting fat, I've had a few people, including my doctor, warn me that I don't want to put on too much weight because it's so hard to take off later.  I've been tempted to respond, "Does it look like I don't know how difficult weight loss can be?"  

Until next time.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1 to the 2

Well, week 11 to 12 has been a bit rough.  First, I started coming down with a cold that has either morphed into an ear infection and left me with headaches and nausea when I'm vertical, or those are just pregnancy side-effects.  In either case - not fun!  I've been lying down so much, my muscles now protest.  So, I've got a bit of a battle raging in my body.

Secondly, I went to a funeral for an infant on Saturday.  One of Jason's cousin's baby was born at 25 weeks and lived for six months.  That was hard.  Upsetting enough if I wasn't pregnant.  I lost it at one point and thankfully was able to step away with Jason and ball my eyes out.  

On a lighter note, we did finally purchase our own copy of Blades of Glory.  That movie is so amazingly funny.  I heart Will Ferrell something fierce.

I also purchased my second piece of maternity clothing.  This first was actually purchased a year ago - I needed a long sleeved black shirt and the maternity one was comfy, fit well and only $5.99.  This week, I got a dress, one that I believe I could wear after pregnancy.  It was kind of a silly purchase, since what I went into the store for was a pair of jeans.  But the dress fit great and made me feel pretty.  When I first tried it on, I thought: "Hmmm, it enhances my stomach pooch,  not good."  Then I remembered that was the whole point.  For once, I can give myself permission to buy clothes that highlight the pooch!  Viva la pregnancy!

I realized this week that I am craving foods from my childhood - mac & cheese, jello, milkshakes, Fig Newtons, pickles, pasta with butter and parmesan (for years, I refused to eat pasta with tomato sauce), etc.  Comfort food?

I keep having dreams that the baby is born and fits into the palm of my hand and that I have a very hard time keeping him/her safe - I drop the baby, lose the baby, it falls into stuff, etc.  I also dreamt last night that Janet Jackson and I were competing against each other at a swim meet.  She was good - too good.

Update on Donkey Basketball - so, two of my co-workers have spectated such events.  And the donkeys?  They wear rubber shoes.  At first I thought the shoes were to protect them - keep them from sliding on the gym floor.  But, no, they're to keep them from scuffing the gym floor.  I imagine they also help keep them safe.  What I wonder if what jack-ass (pun intended) seconded the idea of Donkey Basketball in the first place?  I can see someone having the idea, but who in their right mind would then say, "Yeah!  That's a great idea!  Let's do it!"  It's the other people who went along with the idea that I worry about.

Can you tell Jason is out of town and that I spent most of yesterday not speaking to anyone?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

11: Donkey Basketball

We got some very exciting news this week - our dear friends, Hilleri & Sam, our expecting too!  And she's due a week before me, making her my second friend due about the same time I am.  Which is fantastic.  I now have a friend in two of my friend "camps" having a baby, so Baby D will generally have another babe to play with.  And, I have two ladies I can talk to obsessively about pregnancy and babies.  I've been trying not to bore my non-pregnant friends, so it's great to have an outlet.  

I've been having strange flavor combo cravings that just don't work out.  I'm going to share them here, just in case you're ever possessed to try them - don't.  Pickles and pink lemonade - yuck.  Chocolate sorbet and marshmallows - no.  Fruit pie and chocolate soy milk - meh.  Oh, and the marshmallows gave me heartburn.  Or perhaps the egg whites in the sorbet did.  Either way, no fun.

So, in non-baby related news - Donkey Basketball.  I first came across this term a couple weeks ago while visiting my grandma - it was advertised on the reader-board at the school across the street from her house.  I thought it was a variation of the game Horse.  Alas not.  Jason learned this week that it is, in fact, exactly like it sounds (when he said that to me, I thought, "Donkeys actually playing basketball?!?"  but not that exact).  It's almost exactly like it sounds - people riding donkeys and playing basketball.  To raise funds for charity.

Let me say that again - Donkey Basketball is a charity game in which people ride donkeys and play basketball.

I'm not sure I've ever heard anything more ridiculous.  Upon hearing the description, I almost jumped out of bed and started packing - I can't believe I live in a town where that is: 1) considered an actual activity; 2) people pay money to watch it; and 3) so many people pay to watch it that it can be used as a fundraiser.  You know I love small town living, but this is asking too much.  Despite it being completely and utterly asinine, I worry about the donkeys.  They can't be having any fun and probably get hurt.  

So, there you go, people.  Donkey Basketball.  I just Googled the term and it's apparently not unpopular.  I don't have the stomach to post any pictures.  And I don't want such images disgracing my site - it's bad enough I felt compelled to write about it.

And don't you just know - my child will grow up to become a champion Donkey Basketball player.  And yes, I'll attend every game.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Perfect 10

So, did you know that a baby's intestines develop in the umbilical cord, then "travel" into the baby's body?  Whoa.  I also learned that this week, the baby's kidneys are developing and producing a lot of urine.  Yuck.

Not much to report, expect my appetite has ramped up.  I'm now eating about 7 meals a day.  And I don't have cravings, per say, but things that didn't use to sound good, now sound good - like Jello.  And pickles.  Yes, I've become that cliched pregnant lady.  Chai is my new favorite beverage.  I still haven't re-tried apple juice.  

This past weekend we visited my grandma, who keeps doing better (in small increments), and we told her that we're going to have a baby.  Her reply?  "I didn't think you wanted to have kids!"  I was too shocked to ask where she had heard that, and, with her memory, I doubt she'd even remember.  But the next day she was excited and gave the baby a calendar.  Definitely a unique baby present - though it is a very sweet calendar.

Over the next two weekends, Jason and I are going to attempt to replace the flooring in our upstairs - the kitchen, living room and hallway - for those familiar with Casa de Davidson.  We're planning laminate of some kind.  Or perhaps linoleum that looks like wood.  We'll see.

And I've been promised a new couch for our fifth wedding anniversary, April 3!  Our budget is only $300 - so if you know where one can purchase a nice couch for $300, please let me know.  Ikea starts at $400.  We love a challenge, though, right?

Friday, March 06, 2009

New Cell Phone Number

On Monday, March 9th, I will be getting a new cell phone number - one that will reflect the area I live in now, instead of Portland.

I just sent out a mass e-mail about it.  If you didn't get the e-mail and would like my new number, either leave a comment here or e-mail me, and I'll send it along to you.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Made It on the TV!!!

See it HERE.

I will be signing autographs Saturday at the M-F Supper Club from noon to 2 pm.  

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Week 9: Apple Juice is Dead

All right - made it to nine weeks.  Had the ultrasound on Friday and that went just swell - got to see the baby and it's little heart pounding away.  S/he was just laying in my womb, chillaxin.  I told Jason that during our friend's ultrasound, her baby was jumping around.  He replied that our baby must take after him, then.  I think s/he's going to fit right in with Team D.

Speaking of s/he thing, we of course are getting lots of questions about whether or not we're going to find out the gender of the baby and what we think we're having.  I don't want to find out what we're having - well, at least right now I don't, which is convenient, because even if I wanted to, I couldn't find out for another 11 weeks.  I feel like it's my one chance to get to know an individual without knowing their gender and all the baggage that comes with knowing.  And I like the challenge of thinking in more gender neutral terms and what my definition of male and female encompass.  For example, I just can't bring myself to buy something pink or ruffly, in case it's a boy.  I can force it on a girl, but a boy - no.  Lavender, though, I think that color would work for both.

Of course, I could change my mind and all that rationalizing goes right out the window.  Jason wants to find out.  And since he's really good at keeping secrets (too good), it will work, unless I drive myself crazy thinking about the fact that he knows and I don't.  Apparently, I love torturing myself.

As to what gender we think we're having - Jason is dead convinced it's a girl.  Now, don't get all mushy - it's not 'cause he's such a girl lover.  No, he was raised with three sisters, several aunts and several female cousins - he knows how to deal with girls.  

I think we're having a boy, maybe.  My leading theory is because I like being contrary to Jason.  Two of my girlfriends also think we're having a boy, so I might be on to something.  

No new cravings - well, I was lovin' pickles this past weekend.  Apple juice is no longer my friend - it gave me horrible stomach pains and gas bubbles, so it is dead to me now.  

And that's about it.  Thanks for reading - esp., you, Hilleri ; )

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Week 8: Apple Juice Rocks

Passed the two month mark today!  Hooray!  Only 8 more months to go.

As the subject of this post indicates, I love apple juice.  It tastes so freaking good.  

Being pregnant has made me very thirsty.  I must have liquids at all times, because when I get thirsty, it's not like "oh, I'm a tad parched."  It's: "Must. Drink. Now."  Hold that thought while I go grab some water.

Okay, better now.

We have our first doctors appointments on Thursday and Friday.  The first is just blood draws and checking vitals, etc.  The second will be to meet the doctor and have an ultrasound (I hope).  I'm not sure I'll stay with the doctor.  There's a highly recommended midwife I'd like to meet with, but decided to wait until at least the pregnancy is confirmed.

I started wondering today about the babe.  An episode of the show Firefly ("Heart of Gold"), a woman is giving birth and one of the characters asks: "Who's in there?"  Is it my Italian Grandmother?  My cousin Tony?  Audrey Hepburn?  A combination?  Or someone completely new?  Genetically, I hope the kid gets my teeth - I have very strong, healthy teeth.  Only had two cavities.  Jason has 48 cavities, or something like that.  

And I hope the kid gets my ears.  No one has ears like me, not even my parents.  I have a double ridge at the top - most folks only have one.  Riding the subway in Chicago, I used to look for ears like mine, but no one ever came close.  It would be nice to share that trait.  Except, it makes it difficult to find head phones (the kind that stick in the ear) that fit.  And I think it affects my hearing, making it a little worse than average.  But that's just a theory.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yes, I've become one of those pregnant women.  Oh well, I've waited a long time for this and only plan to do it once, so I'm going to indulge myself.  If you are bored by embryo updates, check back next week when it becomes a fetus, or check back in October, when it becomes a newborn.  Or check back in 2027, when it finally leaves home for college/welding school/vagabonding about Africa.

And I'm also one of those pregnant ladies that doesn't really have many first trimester pregnancy symptoms.  My mom didn't either - I imagine it's a bit genetic.  While I only get a little queasy, I do get fairly crabby and I'm often up for a nap, especially after I've just woken up in the morning.  Get up, feed the kiddos, make tea and back to bed for an hour.  And juice - I just can't drink it.  Any kind.  Makes me queasy or gives me heartburn.  Weirdness.

We've started "nesting" - try not to puke.  We finally unpacked our last box that we moved from Portland two years ago.  We took a bunch of stuff to Salvation Army.  The cat's room is no longer a storage spot where they also eat and poop - now, it's a room with lovely curtains, an armchair, coffee table and a computer and desk - where they eat and poop.  It's slowly transitioning into the baby's room.  If I had my way, it would be transitioned.  But, someone who shall remain nameless, insists that since we have 33 weeks to go, it might not be necessary to do it all right this minute.  This person might be right, since I do have a propensity for changing my mind.

And let's talk a minute about having 33 weeks to go.  I had always hoped I'd be one of those ladies who would find out at month 3 that I was pregnant, so I'd already have the first trimester out of the way, but I suspected this would not be the case.  My periods are like clockwork and I keep track of them, so no luck.  And this will come as no surprise to most of you - I'm horribly impatient.  I'm not exactly ready for the baby to be here, but I am ready for a baby bump and to be wearing maternity clothes.  I will likely complain about these things when the time comes - that's the magic of Cora.  Perhaps I should take this as a time to learn some patience and work on my obsessiveness (which, thanks to my hormone fluctuations, has flared back up, despite still being on my meds).  Ugh.

And there you are.  I didn't think I had much to say, but apparently, like my surprise vomit the other day, the words just poured out.  That's gross, so I'll end there.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Week 6

Yes, I am obsessed with the pregnancy.  But I've always been fascinated with fetal development of any living creature.  So, there you go, Baby D, six weeks.

There is other stuff going on besides the baby.  I've got work drama - again - but, I can't write about it in any detail here.  Let's just say, the combo of work drama and raging hormones make for a very cranky Cora.

Beyond those two things?  Not much.  Started working on a new crewell/embroidery pattern that I got at a thrift store - a vase with flowers.  That kind of work is very meditative. 

Oh yeah!  We got a wood burning stove for the downstairs.  Jason's teaching me to build fires.  Here's Jason with the first fire he built in it.  

The cats, especially Hugo, love it.  Hugo loves to chew on the fire wood. 

And we're re-watching the first three seasons of The Sopranos - a violent, curse ridden show that is sheer brilliance.

There you are.