Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1 to the 2

Well, week 11 to 12 has been a bit rough.  First, I started coming down with a cold that has either morphed into an ear infection and left me with headaches and nausea when I'm vertical, or those are just pregnancy side-effects.  In either case - not fun!  I've been lying down so much, my muscles now protest.  So, I've got a bit of a battle raging in my body.

Secondly, I went to a funeral for an infant on Saturday.  One of Jason's cousin's baby was born at 25 weeks and lived for six months.  That was hard.  Upsetting enough if I wasn't pregnant.  I lost it at one point and thankfully was able to step away with Jason and ball my eyes out.  

On a lighter note, we did finally purchase our own copy of Blades of Glory.  That movie is so amazingly funny.  I heart Will Ferrell something fierce.

I also purchased my second piece of maternity clothing.  This first was actually purchased a year ago - I needed a long sleeved black shirt and the maternity one was comfy, fit well and only $5.99.  This week, I got a dress, one that I believe I could wear after pregnancy.  It was kind of a silly purchase, since what I went into the store for was a pair of jeans.  But the dress fit great and made me feel pretty.  When I first tried it on, I thought: "Hmmm, it enhances my stomach pooch,  not good."  Then I remembered that was the whole point.  For once, I can give myself permission to buy clothes that highlight the pooch!  Viva la pregnancy!

I realized this week that I am craving foods from my childhood - mac & cheese, jello, milkshakes, Fig Newtons, pickles, pasta with butter and parmesan (for years, I refused to eat pasta with tomato sauce), etc.  Comfort food?

I keep having dreams that the baby is born and fits into the palm of my hand and that I have a very hard time keeping him/her safe - I drop the baby, lose the baby, it falls into stuff, etc.  I also dreamt last night that Janet Jackson and I were competing against each other at a swim meet.  She was good - too good.

Update on Donkey Basketball - so, two of my co-workers have spectated such events.  And the donkeys?  They wear rubber shoes.  At first I thought the shoes were to protect them - keep them from sliding on the gym floor.  But, no, they're to keep them from scuffing the gym floor.  I imagine they also help keep them safe.  What I wonder if what jack-ass (pun intended) seconded the idea of Donkey Basketball in the first place?  I can see someone having the idea, but who in their right mind would then say, "Yeah!  That's a great idea!  Let's do it!"  It's the other people who went along with the idea that I worry about.

Can you tell Jason is out of town and that I spent most of yesterday not speaking to anyone?