Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Isn't she just the cutest?

Taken at Discovery Park, Seattle.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

24 & 25

Things are all good with Baby D & Momma Me. We've just been very busy - well, I've been busy and she's been going along for the ride. We had a doctor's appointment last week - all is looking good. Her kicks are getting stronger and I think she's started doing somersaults.

I can't believe we only have 15 more weeks to go - that seems like such a short and long time all at once. I have my first baby shower this weekend. Jason's mom's family is throwing me one at the family reunion we're going to this weekend. I'm excited.

On an unrelated note - our last fish, Mingo, passed away over the weekend. He was really sick and nothing we did was helping,
so it's a relief, but also sad - I keep forgetting and will look for him or remind myself to feed him. And we're dealing with the loss of Paul pretty well, though we still really miss him. With Rachel - I think she's both missing him and reveling in the attention vacuum his loss has left. Unfortunately, she's filling it with lots and lots of incessant meowing.

And here's a picture of the happy pack at Discovery Park in Seattle. We had a great visit with Sam, Hilleri, Aaron, Marlene and Amanda.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I can feel her kick and move!  What I thought was gas was the baby.  And one night last week, she gave me a good whap and made the hand resting on my belly jump.  Jason has also been able to feel her move a little.  We've started reading her stories, which is a nice bonding time as a family (or pack, since Bella is right there with us).

Today, I'll see my mom and dad for the first time in 9 months and they'll get to "meet" the baby.  My mom is ridiculously excited - I'm so glad she's coming.  We'll start plotting baby room decor.

Cravings - I thought I wasn't having them, but realized I have been.  I've been loving deli sandwiches, but that love might be coming to an end, since I've eaten so many of them.  And trail mix.  And smoothies.

Sleeping is starting to be more cumbersome - finding a position that is both comfortable for the belly and comfortable for the rest of me.  Jason assures me that I must be sleeping well at some points in the night because I've been snoring strong the last two nights.  Poor guy.  It must be extra special when Bella and I snore in unison.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dearest Paul

Yesterday evening, our dear, sweet Paul passed away.  Jason and I decided to have him put to sleep.  He was 14 years old and feeling every minute of it - he could barely walk and was skin and bones.  It was a very tough decision because he was still quite lucid.  But it was the right one.  He went quickly and painlessly.  Jason and I buried him in the yard, under a nice memorial that includes a Japanese maple and other plantings.  

And we buried him with his Guy.  The Guy was his very favorite toy - we bought it for him four years ago.  Originally, it was a faux orange fur rectangle filled with catnip. Over the years he gummed most of the fur off and it was a dingy brown color.  But, try as we might, he would never let us replace it.  That was the only toy he'd play with.  He'd carry it around and talk to it while it was in his mouth, then he'd alternately rub his head on it and beat it up.  And if it was missing, he'd have us find it.  So we thought they should stay together.

Today was hard - the first day without The Buddy.  The house feels a little bit emptier without him.

Rachel, his feline companion of 7+ years, is doing all right.  We brought him home and brought him inside so she could see him.  She fled from his body, hid and later peed on the floor, but after that she seemed better.  She still seems a bit distracted and lost.  They had a very unique relationship - they weren't related but found each other at the cat shelter where we adopted them.  They took very good care of each other and could also be complete jerks to one another.  Thankfully, she's taken to Hugo, though not in the same way she took to Paul, but having Hugo around helps, I think.  Prior to Hugo, I don't know if she could've survived Paul's death, they were that connected.

So, this is a tribute of sorts to The Buddy, The Orange Guy, The Old Man, The A-hole - Paul.  We love him and we miss him.

(Picture by Heather Binns, 2009)

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Last night we went to our first parenting class - Newborn Care.  Jason learned how to wrap the baby like a burrito.  We practiced some birthing relaxation techniques.  It was good but I'm a little overwhelmed by the prospect of bringing the baby home.  The birth isn't concerning me (yet) - it's just something we have to survive and we'll have people assisting us.  But once she's home, we're on our own.  Just a wee bit intimidating.

My belly is continuing to grow - or it might be the burrito I had the other night - not certain.  I've been far less critical of my body as my belly has started expanding.  I actually think I'm kind of beautiful.  It seems my body was meant to be round and full.  I hope I can keep that perspective once I've given birth and my body is more wrinkly and saggy.

My mom arrives next week, which means we can get started putting together the baby's room!  I'm very excited - I like decorating.  We're going to attempt to lay the flooring in our bedroom this weekend.   I also hope to make it to the nearby pool to test out my new maternity suit.  And we're going to a little friend's birthday party - well, the adult portion of it.  I love that her parents are having a kid and an adult party.  As much as I adore our little friend, I just don't think I could hang with her 6 year old friends - I'm not nearly that cool.