Friday, June 12, 2009


I can feel her kick and move!  What I thought was gas was the baby.  And one night last week, she gave me a good whap and made the hand resting on my belly jump.  Jason has also been able to feel her move a little.  We've started reading her stories, which is a nice bonding time as a family (or pack, since Bella is right there with us).

Today, I'll see my mom and dad for the first time in 9 months and they'll get to "meet" the baby.  My mom is ridiculously excited - I'm so glad she's coming.  We'll start plotting baby room decor.

Cravings - I thought I wasn't having them, but realized I have been.  I've been loving deli sandwiches, but that love might be coming to an end, since I've eaten so many of them.  And trail mix.  And smoothies.

Sleeping is starting to be more cumbersome - finding a position that is both comfortable for the belly and comfortable for the rest of me.  Jason assures me that I must be sleeping well at some points in the night because I've been snoring strong the last two nights.  Poor guy.  It must be extra special when Bella and I snore in unison.

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Hilleri said...

How fun that you can feel her kick :)