Thursday, June 25, 2009

24 & 25

Things are all good with Baby D & Momma Me. We've just been very busy - well, I've been busy and she's been going along for the ride. We had a doctor's appointment last week - all is looking good. Her kicks are getting stronger and I think she's started doing somersaults.

I can't believe we only have 15 more weeks to go - that seems like such a short and long time all at once. I have my first baby shower this weekend. Jason's mom's family is throwing me one at the family reunion we're going to this weekend. I'm excited.

On an unrelated note - our last fish, Mingo, passed away over the weekend. He was really sick and nothing we did was helping,
so it's a relief, but also sad - I keep forgetting and will look for him or remind myself to feed him. And we're dealing with the loss of Paul pretty well, though we still really miss him. With Rachel - I think she's both missing him and reveling in the attention vacuum his loss has left. Unfortunately, she's filling it with lots and lots of incessant meowing.

And here's a picture of the happy pack at Discovery Park in Seattle. We had a great visit with Sam, Hilleri, Aaron, Marlene and Amanda.


liv said...

what a great family pic! the pack looks happy and healthy. :) xo.

Hilleri said...

It was fun to see you guys last weekend :)