Thursday, June 04, 2009


Last night we went to our first parenting class - Newborn Care.  Jason learned how to wrap the baby like a burrito.  We practiced some birthing relaxation techniques.  It was good but I'm a little overwhelmed by the prospect of bringing the baby home.  The birth isn't concerning me (yet) - it's just something we have to survive and we'll have people assisting us.  But once she's home, we're on our own.  Just a wee bit intimidating.

My belly is continuing to grow - or it might be the burrito I had the other night - not certain.  I've been far less critical of my body as my belly has started expanding.  I actually think I'm kind of beautiful.  It seems my body was meant to be round and full.  I hope I can keep that perspective once I've given birth and my body is more wrinkly and saggy.

My mom arrives next week, which means we can get started putting together the baby's room!  I'm very excited - I like decorating.  We're going to attempt to lay the flooring in our bedroom this weekend.   I also hope to make it to the nearby pool to test out my new maternity suit.  And we're going to a little friend's birthday party - well, the adult portion of it.  I love that her parents are having a kid and an adult party.  As much as I adore our little friend, I just don't think I could hang with her 6 year old friends - I'm not nearly that cool.


carmen said...

swaddling is a very good skill to have. Jupiter is a master swaddler.

In terms of being ready for a baby, just remember that all the baby needs is you: to nurse, to be held, to be loved. In the beginning, babies sleep a lot to give you time to figure it all out and make up for lost sleep. You'll be great.

Hilleri said...

Have fun putting together the baby's room :) You are way ahead of us. I hope the room is done by the time the baby arrives.
Glad to hear you enjoyed your birthing class, I am ready to start ours.