Thursday, March 29, 2007


My friend, Ms. A, sent me this awesome story about her daughter, MiniA:

To convey the wonderfulness of my daughter (or as I like to call her MiniA) I must tell you that she has a great passion for Star Wars movies...huge. Even H [her son] is known to say, "Oh MiniA not Star Wars again." Anyway, we were all sitting around laughing at MiniA for some crazy thing she was doing. She then stopped, stared at her dad, and dead panned, "Laugh it up fuzz ball."

I can just hear Ms. A's laugh -- I wish I had a recording I could share with all of you. It's the best freakin' laugh in the world.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Leashes - not just a cute dog accessory

My day is looking better, but I had a little incident when I popped home to let Bella out and decided to take her for a walk, since it's so gorgeously sunny out. As we were walking (she was on her leash), these two dogs come running up who were twice her size. I tried to position myself between them and her and her the hair along her spine stood up, which happens when she gets scared. The owner, thankfully, was outside, but he was just calling for the dogs and they weren't listening. So, I called out, "Can you come get your dogs, please?!?" And he said, "Don't worry, they don't bite."

I HATE that. I have had plenty of encounters with dogs where they do something their owner has never seen them do before -- be it growl at me, try to bite me or roll over and let me rub their bellies. I have never met your dogs before and vice versa -- I or my dog could do something that sets them off. So, instead of telling me your dog doesn't bite, how 'bout you put it on a leash and get the damn animal away from me and my leashed dog?

Miraculously, I managed to maintain my cool and replied, "Well, she doesn't know that. They're twice her size and she's terrified." So, he tried lamely to get them under control and when we could, we walked off and I thanked him for his help.

Grrrr...I hate irresponsible pet owners. In my neighborhood in Portland, the neighbor across the street lets her cats (all 6 of them) run freely around the neighborhood. And this really annoyed me, as well as my next door neighbor, since the cats liked to use her yard and garden as a litter box. She once said, "You know, I have to clean up after my dogs when I take them out. Cat owners should have to do the same." Well, cats are a bit different than dogs, but I do agree with her sentiment. It's not okay to get pets and then just let them run wild. That's not only irresponsible to your neighbors but also to the pets.

Okay, I'm getting off my soap box.


Boy howdy, I'm a bit grumpy this morning. Trying to reign it in, but my day continues to challenge me in ways I am not up for.

First, I wake up (again) at 4:30 am (and not because of the crazy, neurotic rooster next door) and lie awake for an hour and half, only to fall back asleep really hard for 20 mins. before the alarm rudely jerks me awake. After caring for the kiddos, I climb back in bed and proceed to nap for the next hour and a half.

I finally pull my butt out of bed at 8 (when I'm usually arriving at work), only to have Paul attempt to smack Bella upside the head for the second time in 12 hours but he restrained himself (yay for small victories!).

Then Bella jumps up on the bed and when I try to pet her, she pees on the bed (but not very much -- another small victory!). So, I get that cleaned up and get ready for work and drive the stick to work, stalling only once (asm!).

I get to work to find out that HR hasn't a clue where the paperwork is for my intern, who is supposed to start this week, despite it being sent 2. weeks. ago. And now we have to get the paperwork again. And I have to tell my intern that we're lame.

I really, really, really hate it when I do my part and the other person drops the ball. I'm very judgemental on this, though I know I need more compassion in this department.

Whew. Okay, feeling a bit better, though I'd still rather hide under my desk.

P.S. when you're text messaging and someone else is near you and not text messaging, could you please turn the beep off for your keys? It's really, really annoying to hear all that beeping. Thx.

Ahhhh Portland

This was posted at Mighty Girl:

HOODLUMS: Mar 27 2007

In Portland, a group of punk youth is entrenched on sidewalk. They are smoking, trying to out-blasé one another. One holds a sign that reads, “AT LEAST WE’RE NOT MUGGING YOU.”

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sweet but Mortifying

My co-worker told me this funny story this morning, and I just had to share.

My co-worker has been mentioning to her husband for about six months that she needs new underwear. Being the sweet man that he is, he tried to buy her a bulk pack from Bi-Mart, but they weren't right. So, he decided to try again, but this time took a pair of her ratty old undies with him and showed them to the clerk at Macy's. He wound up getting her the right size, style, everything. Except she is now mortified that the clerk at Macy's has seen her ratty old underwear. But at least she's in comfy clean underwear now.

I just thought that was too funny -- so sweet, but so mortifying. In a small town like WaWa, it is quite possible to run into that clerk again and have her remember the husband and the undies.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Rural Life

I am new to rural life. I grew up in and around Portland, which was not always the thriving metropolis it is today, and even with it's progressive urban growth boundaries, I was miles away for farm livin'. So, there are things out here that I have never encountered before.

For example: at the local community college, you can study John Deere (the tractor) Technology and Dealership Management, as well as Turf Management and Farrier Science (working with horses), and you can join the college's rodeo team.

To be fair, you can also study Oceanography (amongst other things) and the Enology and Viticulture programs (winemaking) is one of the best in the nation.

But, still, John Deere Technology major and the rodeo team? Whoa. This is taking FFA (Future Farmers of America) to a whole new level for me.


I have recently learned that to get a card to the only local public library, I have to pay $50 annually, because I live in College Place and not Walla Walla. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with the CP/WaWa divide -- there really isn't one. The mighty Myra Road -- a 2 lane road with a Home Depot and sports store on it -- divides the two towns. If you blinked, you would miss it. Though the library is supported by county tax revenue, and CP is in the same county as WaWa, CP county tax revenue for some reason does not go to supporting the library. The city of CP does provide a limited amount of reimbursement -- up to half -- for CP residents who get a library card.

WTF, people?!? A public library is supposed to be for all the people, not just those who can afford it or live on one side of a street. I am thoroughly outraged. One of the places J and I toured when we were thinking about moving out here was the library, because the public library has played an important role in my life. I still have library cards from when I was 4 years old. Libraries are a place for people from different neighborhoods, different socio-economic classes to meet, to share ideas. Libraries are a place to explore, research, learn and not be hindered by money and censorship. And, the kids in CP attend high school in WaWa, but only those living in WaWa can use this public resource free of charge.

Instead of just bitching or ponying up the $50, I'm going to do something about this. I'm going to attend city council meetings, library board meetings, county meetings and get this rectified -- not just for me, but for all the people who can't afford to pay $50 or even $25 to use what should be, in my opinion, a public resource.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


From Graffiti Fridays:
I saw this and was immediately ashamed. Lately, I've been lamenting the broke state of Team D. And I deliberately use the word broke, rather than poor, because I -- well, for the very reason of the meaning of this piece. Seeing this was a slap in the face and a reminder of just how damn good I've got it. Will that stop me from posting to my Tumblr page? No. But I will be doing it with a heart full of appreciation.

I Weigh 202 Pounds

A Fat Rant by Joy Nash

My one complaint - I have an exteremly hard time finding pants that fit. Either they're too small or too big -- at my size, I'm not quite plus size but not quite misses. Very frustrating.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The lovely Ms. Culotte Folle introduced me to, and I have created my own site. I decided to create one because Team D is broke, broke, broke, but I keep finding things I want to purchase or would go to. I thought having the site would be like shopping but without the spending of the non-existant funds. Ahhh...virtual shopping.

And I thought, maybe, just maybe, you might like to know what I would want to buy. Ahhh...narcissism.


The verdict: to dog! We adopted Bella (full name: Mirabella, formerly known as: Precious, often called: Precious Bella) last Thursday. The first day she was quite nervous with us, but has since warmed up a whole bunch. She sleeps with us every night and has taken to sleeping on J's pillow.

Doesn't she look like a chocolate Easter bunny here?

We took her on a little road trip on Sunday, and she did fabulous in the car and out in nature. She is really only interested in other dogs and humans. We saw some horses and nada -- didn't hide, didn't try to sniff, nothing. Curious.

Bella also doesn't bother the cats -- at all. At first, I thought maybe she couldn't see them, then I realized that was dumb, because she could certainly smell them. Paul is coming around -- he's stopped hissing at her every time she gets remotely near. I think he's a little ticked that she doesn't pay him any attention and gets part of what he considers to be his ration of pets. Rachel just thinks Bella's a spaz and avoids her as much as possible. I feel bad for Rachel -- she's kind of getting ignored in this whole acclimation process.

So, yes, my life now revolves around my pets. After spending 40 minutes this morning taking turns petting each of the kiddos, I told J we needed to have a human pet session.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

To dog or not to dog?

I'm thinking about adopting a dog (hence the title of the post). Actually, this dog here, Precious. Isn't she, though? She's a Corgi/Chihuahua mix, 6 years old. Not sure why she's up for adoption. The shelter says she's good with cats. Not sure, though, if my delicate flowers will be good with her. Rachel seems to find dogs curious, but they seem to freak Paul out (what doesn't, though?). J says he is lukewarm to the idea of getting a dog, but that the decision is up to me. And what a tough decision it's turning out to be. I've come to the conclusion that I can't really decide until I meet her, and I don't know yet when that will be.

I'm torn, though -- is it right to bring another member to our family who won't necessarily be welcomed by two members and only kind of welcomed by the third? Not to say that J won't be kind and loving to her, but he did explicitly say that the dog will be 75% my responsibility. I have a lot of what ifs running through my head, all fears that bringing her into the home will put a wedge in our family with she and I on one side and J and the cats on the other. I'm being overly dramatic, I'm sure (as I am known to be), but what if I'm not? Too many what ifs.

I want a dog for many reasons, and I've wanted one for quite a while. I like the idea of playing with her, taking her for walks, snuggling with her, taking her on care rides (she supposedly likes these). I know I will also need to take her out when it's pouring down rain or 20 degrees or I'm sick. And, yeah, that kinda sucks, but I think the bonding between her and I would more than make up for that. It does with the cats. But what if Precious and I don't bond? What if she never really comes around or, instead, bonds with J? Or, what if it's just like I imagine it and we're the best of friends?

What all this talk about adopting a dog has made me realize is that I'm not yet ready for a baby. I'm just getting into my new job and new town, and I'm just not ready for that kind of responsibility yet. I kinda see the dog as a step up in responsibility. And as a being to care for, who needs my care, but isn't so dependant on my care, if you know what I mean.

For the moment, I guess I just wait until I can meet her and get to know her a little. If you have any advice or words of wisdom, please share.

Monday, March 05, 2007

My Star Chart

I've always wanted to have a start chart done, but wasn't willing to pay for it. Thanks to my friend, L, I found a web site that does them for free -- If you are interested in reading my chart, enter this data:

Name: Cora
April 30 1977
7:25 AM
Time Zone is MDT
Boise, ID

What struck me after reading this is that I think the chart pretty much describes me, warts and all. As I was reading the report, I thought to myself several times: "True; need to change that." But then I started wondering - if this is who I am, why do I need to change? Can I even change? Or do I just need to be aware and use these to my advantage? A new way of looking at my "faults."

Really Deep Thoughts

Though it's been a while since I last posted, I'm resisting doing a catch-up post, letting y'all know what I've been doing since Feb. 20th, mainly because it would consist of - get up, go to work, work like crazy, pick up J, go home and veg with family, go to bed, start all over. One variation to that - J's 31st b-day was on Saturday - happy b-day to my old man.

So, I finally found something to write about that didn't involve the mundane (yet thoroughly enjoyable for me) schedule listed above or reproductive rights and sexual health. Last night I dreamt about a ex-friend (let's call her Q). Q and I ended our friendship last March after almost 14 years of friendship. She was my longest-term friend and my only remaining friend from high school. We had really tried to make this friendship work, mainly long-distance over long distances when I lived in other states and on another Continent. Actually, she tried harder than I did. In the early years of the long-distance, I remember wondering why she was trying so hard. Anyways, last March things kinda came to a head, and we decided to part ways. Well, she said she wanted to take a break, and I said if we took a break, I most likely wouldn't be coming back. And that was that. I didn't think or talk too much about it, mainly because when the break-up occurred, I was very sick and was focused on that. After I was well, I just don't think I was ready to contemplate it. I e-mail her to check-in and she sent a friendly response, but it sounded hollow to me - she sounded like she does when she talks to people she doesn't like but feels she needs to be polite to. And maybe she wasn't - e-mail can be difficult, I know. But I didn't feel like pursuing it.

So, last night I had this dream that she and I were hanging out again and having a good time, better than we'd ever had previously in our relationship. I thought about e-mailing her again and letting her know what was going on with me, but ultimately decided against it. What I realize now is that we're very different people, with different interests and priorities. And, I could not stop judging her and her actions, which I totally hated myself for, especially since I felt I was doing to her exactly what my parents do to me. I just realized that I don't actually miss our friendship. Sure, I still care about her and wish her well - I still think she's an amazing human being. But I don't miss us. I wish there was a way that we could be friends, but after 14 years of trying, I think I need to concede the loss. And I think that's what I struggle with - the giving up. Gosh, I really am as stubborn as my mother and J say I am. Part of me just wants so badly for our friendship to work, while the other side recognizes it's time to let go.

And Q's not the first friendship I've struggled with like this. I have a long history of this, particularly with females. I want so badly to have a BFF (best friend forever) who truly is F. And if I could remove my head from my own a**, I would realize that I have this with J, complete with rings and a certificate and a shared mortgage. Can't get more than a promise of F than that.

I also think I need to learn how to be a friend to myself, which I have no idea how to do. I've always felt that I need to be a disciplinarian to myself, keeping myself in-line and under control. And I think that I extend that to those closest to me - that if I really love and care about them, I will be hard on them and hold them to high standards. At least I don't expect anymore from them than I expect for myself. But I think that's too much.

Anyway, this is starting to ramble, so I'll end here. Thanks for reading.