Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The verdict: to dog! We adopted Bella (full name: Mirabella, formerly known as: Precious, often called: Precious Bella) last Thursday. The first day she was quite nervous with us, but has since warmed up a whole bunch. She sleeps with us every night and has taken to sleeping on J's pillow.

Doesn't she look like a chocolate Easter bunny here?

We took her on a little road trip on Sunday, and she did fabulous in the car and out in nature. She is really only interested in other dogs and humans. We saw some horses and nada -- didn't hide, didn't try to sniff, nothing. Curious.

Bella also doesn't bother the cats -- at all. At first, I thought maybe she couldn't see them, then I realized that was dumb, because she could certainly smell them. Paul is coming around -- he's stopped hissing at her every time she gets remotely near. I think he's a little ticked that she doesn't pay him any attention and gets part of what he considers to be his ration of pets. Rachel just thinks Bella's a spaz and avoids her as much as possible. I feel bad for Rachel -- she's kind of getting ignored in this whole acclimation process.

So, yes, my life now revolves around my pets. After spending 40 minutes this morning taking turns petting each of the kiddos, I told J we needed to have a human pet session.


heathre said...

Welcome to Team D, Bella!! sooo cute, those ears crack me up.

Nanimal said...

Oh your furry family rocks. And those are the best ears ever. I bet they are super soft.