Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sweet but Mortifying

My co-worker told me this funny story this morning, and I just had to share.

My co-worker has been mentioning to her husband for about six months that she needs new underwear. Being the sweet man that he is, he tried to buy her a bulk pack from Bi-Mart, but they weren't right. So, he decided to try again, but this time took a pair of her ratty old undies with him and showed them to the clerk at Macy's. He wound up getting her the right size, style, everything. Except she is now mortified that the clerk at Macy's has seen her ratty old underwear. But at least she's in comfy clean underwear now.

I just thought that was too funny -- so sweet, but so mortifying. In a small town like WaWa, it is quite possible to run into that clerk again and have her remember the husband and the undies.

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stuck said...

One has to wonder why she wouldn't want to tackle this purchasing issue herself...