Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seven Random Things About Me

Encouraged by this post at Finding Magnolia:

A List of Seven Random Things About Me
  1. Lately, I cannot get to bed and asleep before 9:30 pm, despite being exhausted and probably could go to sleep at 5 pm - I stay up and read magazines, blogs and Facebook.
  2. I'm listening to Outliners by Malcolm Gladwell during my commute - loving it.  It's both interesting and he's a great narrator.
  3. I do not shower every day.  I tell myself it's because I don't want to dry my hair out (with the washing and blow drying and flat ironing) but that's a lie - I'm just too lazy.
  4. I have started flat ironing my hair and it looks great when I do it.  I finally have the hair I always wanted, when I'm not too lazy to do it.
  5. I recently tried diet hot chocolate (powder mix) and it is suprisingly creamy and yummy.
  6. When my dog thumps her tail, it drives me nuts, though she does it to get pets.  When she does it, I feel anxious, annoyed and guilty.
  7. I like to eat hot dogs cold.
If you're so inclined, share seven random things with me!

Losing All Respect

Hi again!

So, this morning, I had a conversation with someone and in a matter of seconds this person said something that made me lose all respect for that person.  Let's call that person Gene.  We were talking about Gene's kid's first of day of kindergarten.  This kindergarten staggers the kids initially, so it isn't until the third week of school that all the kids are going full-time.  I mentioned that that was probably great for the kids, as well as the teachers - give them all a chance to ease into things.  Gene said, "I'm not too worried about the teachers; they get a million in-service days and have the entire summer off."  I replied about how difficult it can be to have so many 5 year olds at one time, especially since they'd never been to school before.  Gene didn't respond.

And boom - respect gone.

It was so obvious to me that Gene does not respect teachers, despite the fact that Gene's family has handed over the care of their children to them.   I was really tempted to ask if Gene had ever taken care of 30 five year olds at one time.  My guess is no or for not any extended period of time. 

Gene's comment also smacked of entitlement and elitism.  I know for a fact that Gene has an extremely healthy bank account - Gene could stop working today and be fine for quite some time.  Gene is also on the fast track at work to head the company in a few years.  I am noticing these types of attitudes more and more in the company I keep and it's bothersome.  How does one combat that and actually be heard and not written off as a shrill feminist?

More importantly, though, I need to look at my own attitudes and assumptions and challenge the entitlement and elitism I find there.

I think what surprised me the most through this whole exchange with Gene was just how quick all the respect I had for Gene (which, granted, was not a whole lot) disappeared.  And that it will take some time to be built back up (if ever depending on Gene's future actions).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Still Alive...

And thriving!  What a whirlwind having two girls, a spouse and full-time job is.  But, for the most part, I'm loving every day.  The happiness has not gone away. 

Amelia is great - she's 4 1/2 months and weighs 14 lbs.  She is such a happy baby.  She rarely fusses - even when she's not feeling good, she'll flash you a smile.  And such a love!  She loves getting kisses, esp. on the mouth.  And so mellow!  She'll just chill in her chair, watching her family buzz about her.  But make no mistake, piss her off and she will have no problem letting you know just how pissed off she is.  She makes her self known - she's just happens to be happy most of the time.  And she's starting to jabber, trying to say Buh, which sometimes sounds like Puh...Papa, of course!  And girlfriend loves the raspberry/zerbert.

Aggie is good - she is getting better at making her will and desires known.  Which is a good thing - want an independent minded girl, but can also be pain-inducing when she attempts to use screaming to get her point across.  We're working on it.  It just makes me sad to see her upset and frustrated.  And of course, annoyed and angry, sometimes too.  We'll put her in time-outs, but only when we just can't deal any more and don't want to yell at her.  I think that's kinda funny - it's really more a time out for us, but we can't take the time because we're generally having to clean something up.  She's also very compassionate.  She says "bless you" and asks if we're okay often - also if Mimi and Bella are okay.  And she says thank you all the time - please still takes prompting, but thank you is down cold (it sounds more like "dank doo").

Jason and I, as a couple, are also doing well.  We did an informal assessment of our relationship the other night and it was very positive and appreciative.  I tell you, having a second kid has made me a better person.  There just isn't time and we don't have the effort to also put up with my little issues and tantrums.  Also, we're better at being a team because if we're with one girl, we just assume the other is helping out with the other girl.  There's a lot more assuming the positive going on.

And, I've been losing weight via diet modification and also exercising.  The cleaner diet and increased energy help a lot with my mood and anxiety.

I still have bumps but it's much, much easier for me to recognize them as bumps, rather than potential catastrophies.

In a nutshell - life is good.