Sunday, October 30, 2011

Good the Third

All righty, lots o' goodness this week:
- attended friends' baby shower, caught up with other friends and made Mandarin Day party plans
- made lunch date with co-workers for this coming week
- spent the weekend in Wallows with J's childhood friend and his family
- took the girls, by myself, to the store and the library, all in one evening (no one died or even cried)
- attended a Halloween party at the library with Aggie
- random act of kindness: bought J a six pack of decent beer
- purchased an arty coloring book and color pencils for myself (to celebrate that I've lost 35 lbs since May) and did some coloring

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good: Week the Second

Going strong. This week I:

- took dinners of cream of broccoli potato soup and jalapeno corn bread to families with new babies

- colored with Aggie and on my own

- attended a party that one of Jason's co-workers invited me to

- offered to host the next book club meeting

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good: Week the First

To follow-up on my post, Good, this week I:
- started the book for book club The Thirteenth Tale, which is super good. I'm listening to it on CD, so I also get to enjoy the British accents.

- my random act of kindness: Certificate of Appreciation to Victor, the janitor at work and a friend, for the cleanest of carpets and and the brightest of smiles.

- my coloring for the week:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Two years

My dearest Aggie,

Two years ago today, you came into this world and our lives. Thank you. You have opened up my life in so many incredible ways. I am in constant awe of you. Sometimes, but only sometimes, you are a massive pain in the butt - who isn't? Anyway, you are my best friend and I love you dearly.

In the past year, you went from being a baby to a little girl. You learned to crawl, then strut. You started eating regular food and gave up bottles. You became my little helper and a big sister. Your tantrums are very loud but pretty short. You give great kisses and hugs and say thank you ("dank doo") like a champ. You have the best belly laugh and you sing awesomely.

I am so excited to see what your third year brings. Keep ferociously being you. The world and your family needs you.



Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Thanks to Carmen, Hilleri and Amanda for the advice. And to Nan for throwing out the challenge. Y'all have inspired me. Here's a what I'm gonna do:

- Stick with my book club; I'm sure I'll be able to go again some day and eventually, finish a book (!)

- Start coloring (I find it very soothing), first with crayons then maybe colored pencils, pastels and inks

- Do one random act of kindness each week, planned but not overly so, spending little money

- Updating this blog with my progress

Thanks y'all.