Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Thanks to Carmen, Hilleri and Amanda for the advice. And to Nan for throwing out the challenge. Y'all have inspired me. Here's a what I'm gonna do:

- Stick with my book club; I'm sure I'll be able to go again some day and eventually, finish a book (!)

- Start coloring (I find it very soothing), first with crayons then maybe colored pencils, pastels and inks

- Do one random act of kindness each week, planned but not overly so, spending little money

- Updating this blog with my progress

Thanks y'all.


Nanimal said...

xo! proud of you!...proud of me, we are pretty awesome. just sayin...

heathre said...

gooooo cora!! i'm here cheering you on xox

Anonymous said...

Check out Prismacolor pencils they are so soothing to color with. You have also inspired me to get to know some other moms.