Monday, September 27, 2010

Here we go again!

Baby D 2 is due April 5, 2011.  Aggie will be 18 months - yup, we'll have 2 under 2.

More about all of this later - just wanted to share the good news.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

11 months

This past month has been a whirl of vacation, sickness, visitors and big changes.  I'm also exhausted, so trying to remember what we did prior to last weekend is a struggle.

One big change is that Aggie has finally left day care.  Sigh.  More for her than me - as I've written before she loved her day care and they loved her.  They have asked to have her back for her birthday, so they can make her a cake and celebrate.  Isn't that sweet?  And one of the day care owners teared up when it was time to say goodbye.  So far, being a full-time mom is all right.  It so helps that my parents are in town, and they've watched her while I went shopping, took a nap, etc.

She is very interested in the walking and the standing, and a little more interested in the crawling.  I think she's tired of being left in one spot while others walk away from her.

Aggie's new favorite food is soup - any kind of soup, she cannot get enough.  She's also very in to soft foods, like pancakes, bread, etc.  She still has no interest in juice and little in water.

She's developing quite the vocabulary.  In addition to "mama" and "dada," she says "dog" (or "dah"), "cat" (or "cah"), "good" and "gling."  She's also becoming quite the chatty cathy, which is fun to listen to.

She's also developing new dance moves.  She'll stand at her music table, put her weight more on one leg, then shake the other, ala Elvis.

And...I got her to laugh at her farts.  My work here is done.

Two not so wonderful developments - whining and crying at bed time.  Both don't happen often, but when they do, she does them with gusto.

Jason and I were talking one more morning about how great it is to be a parent and the parts we thought would suck - well, some of those don't actually suck and the others don't suck as much as we thought they would.  Mostly, it's pretty awesome.

Pic of the month (the only pic for the month!):