Friday, March 12, 2010

5 Months

The day care crisis is over!  Aggie started this week at a day care center that has other babies, older kids and multiple care providers.  And she loves it!  I dropped her off today and she was all smiles.  And the program is bilingual - English/Spanish.  And crazy affordable.  We hit the day care jackpot.  So, all the drama and stress worked out for the best - just like y'all said it would.

Aggie also started eating solids.  She loves her fruits and veggies, just so, so on the rice cereal.

She had a check-up and weighed in at close to 16 lbs!  She has sumo wrestler thighs.  And she's now 25 inches long. 

The stress of motherhood is getting better, partly because she's been in a better mood.  And having found a great day care - my gut was right - and it's nice to have that positive reassurance.

Also, hearing y'alls feedback and support was enormously helpful.  Thank you.

Today I played hooky from momhood.  I've been working a schedule that allows me to take every other Friday off.  Instead of keeping Aggie at home with me, I dropped her off at day care and had a me day.  I took Bella to the park, did a fun project, exercised and went to a move (Alice in Wonderland).  And when I got home, I kissed her silly.

Pic of the month (that's her with her Grandma, laughing at her Grandpa):