Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1 to the 2

Well, week 11 to 12 has been a bit rough.  First, I started coming down with a cold that has either morphed into an ear infection and left me with headaches and nausea when I'm vertical, or those are just pregnancy side-effects.  In either case - not fun!  I've been lying down so much, my muscles now protest.  So, I've got a bit of a battle raging in my body.

Secondly, I went to a funeral for an infant on Saturday.  One of Jason's cousin's baby was born at 25 weeks and lived for six months.  That was hard.  Upsetting enough if I wasn't pregnant.  I lost it at one point and thankfully was able to step away with Jason and ball my eyes out.  

On a lighter note, we did finally purchase our own copy of Blades of Glory.  That movie is so amazingly funny.  I heart Will Ferrell something fierce.

I also purchased my second piece of maternity clothing.  This first was actually purchased a year ago - I needed a long sleeved black shirt and the maternity one was comfy, fit well and only $5.99.  This week, I got a dress, one that I believe I could wear after pregnancy.  It was kind of a silly purchase, since what I went into the store for was a pair of jeans.  But the dress fit great and made me feel pretty.  When I first tried it on, I thought: "Hmmm, it enhances my stomach pooch,  not good."  Then I remembered that was the whole point.  For once, I can give myself permission to buy clothes that highlight the pooch!  Viva la pregnancy!

I realized this week that I am craving foods from my childhood - mac & cheese, jello, milkshakes, Fig Newtons, pickles, pasta with butter and parmesan (for years, I refused to eat pasta with tomato sauce), etc.  Comfort food?

I keep having dreams that the baby is born and fits into the palm of my hand and that I have a very hard time keeping him/her safe - I drop the baby, lose the baby, it falls into stuff, etc.  I also dreamt last night that Janet Jackson and I were competing against each other at a swim meet.  She was good - too good.

Update on Donkey Basketball - so, two of my co-workers have spectated such events.  And the donkeys?  They wear rubber shoes.  At first I thought the shoes were to protect them - keep them from sliding on the gym floor.  But, no, they're to keep them from scuffing the gym floor.  I imagine they also help keep them safe.  What I wonder if what jack-ass (pun intended) seconded the idea of Donkey Basketball in the first place?  I can see someone having the idea, but who in their right mind would then say, "Yeah!  That's a great idea!  Let's do it!"  It's the other people who went along with the idea that I worry about.

Can you tell Jason is out of town and that I spent most of yesterday not speaking to anyone?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

11: Donkey Basketball

We got some very exciting news this week - our dear friends, Hilleri & Sam, our expecting too!  And she's due a week before me, making her my second friend due about the same time I am.  Which is fantastic.  I now have a friend in two of my friend "camps" having a baby, so Baby D will generally have another babe to play with.  And, I have two ladies I can talk to obsessively about pregnancy and babies.  I've been trying not to bore my non-pregnant friends, so it's great to have an outlet.  

I've been having strange flavor combo cravings that just don't work out.  I'm going to share them here, just in case you're ever possessed to try them - don't.  Pickles and pink lemonade - yuck.  Chocolate sorbet and marshmallows - no.  Fruit pie and chocolate soy milk - meh.  Oh, and the marshmallows gave me heartburn.  Or perhaps the egg whites in the sorbet did.  Either way, no fun.

So, in non-baby related news - Donkey Basketball.  I first came across this term a couple weeks ago while visiting my grandma - it was advertised on the reader-board at the school across the street from her house.  I thought it was a variation of the game Horse.  Alas not.  Jason learned this week that it is, in fact, exactly like it sounds (when he said that to me, I thought, "Donkeys actually playing basketball?!?"  but not that exact).  It's almost exactly like it sounds - people riding donkeys and playing basketball.  To raise funds for charity.

Let me say that again - Donkey Basketball is a charity game in which people ride donkeys and play basketball.

I'm not sure I've ever heard anything more ridiculous.  Upon hearing the description, I almost jumped out of bed and started packing - I can't believe I live in a town where that is: 1) considered an actual activity; 2) people pay money to watch it; and 3) so many people pay to watch it that it can be used as a fundraiser.  You know I love small town living, but this is asking too much.  Despite it being completely and utterly asinine, I worry about the donkeys.  They can't be having any fun and probably get hurt.  

So, there you go, people.  Donkey Basketball.  I just Googled the term and it's apparently not unpopular.  I don't have the stomach to post any pictures.  And I don't want such images disgracing my site - it's bad enough I felt compelled to write about it.

And don't you just know - my child will grow up to become a champion Donkey Basketball player.  And yes, I'll attend every game.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Perfect 10

So, did you know that a baby's intestines develop in the umbilical cord, then "travel" into the baby's body?  Whoa.  I also learned that this week, the baby's kidneys are developing and producing a lot of urine.  Yuck.

Not much to report, expect my appetite has ramped up.  I'm now eating about 7 meals a day.  And I don't have cravings, per say, but things that didn't use to sound good, now sound good - like Jello.  And pickles.  Yes, I've become that cliched pregnant lady.  Chai is my new favorite beverage.  I still haven't re-tried apple juice.  

This past weekend we visited my grandma, who keeps doing better (in small increments), and we told her that we're going to have a baby.  Her reply?  "I didn't think you wanted to have kids!"  I was too shocked to ask where she had heard that, and, with her memory, I doubt she'd even remember.  But the next day she was excited and gave the baby a calendar.  Definitely a unique baby present - though it is a very sweet calendar.

Over the next two weekends, Jason and I are going to attempt to replace the flooring in our upstairs - the kitchen, living room and hallway - for those familiar with Casa de Davidson.  We're planning laminate of some kind.  Or perhaps linoleum that looks like wood.  We'll see.

And I've been promised a new couch for our fifth wedding anniversary, April 3!  Our budget is only $300 - so if you know where one can purchase a nice couch for $300, please let me know.  Ikea starts at $400.  We love a challenge, though, right?

Friday, March 06, 2009

New Cell Phone Number

On Monday, March 9th, I will be getting a new cell phone number - one that will reflect the area I live in now, instead of Portland.

I just sent out a mass e-mail about it.  If you didn't get the e-mail and would like my new number, either leave a comment here or e-mail me, and I'll send it along to you.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Made It on the TV!!!

See it HERE.

I will be signing autographs Saturday at the M-F Supper Club from noon to 2 pm.  

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Week 9: Apple Juice is Dead

All right - made it to nine weeks.  Had the ultrasound on Friday and that went just swell - got to see the baby and it's little heart pounding away.  S/he was just laying in my womb, chillaxin.  I told Jason that during our friend's ultrasound, her baby was jumping around.  He replied that our baby must take after him, then.  I think s/he's going to fit right in with Team D.

Speaking of s/he thing, we of course are getting lots of questions about whether or not we're going to find out the gender of the baby and what we think we're having.  I don't want to find out what we're having - well, at least right now I don't, which is convenient, because even if I wanted to, I couldn't find out for another 11 weeks.  I feel like it's my one chance to get to know an individual without knowing their gender and all the baggage that comes with knowing.  And I like the challenge of thinking in more gender neutral terms and what my definition of male and female encompass.  For example, I just can't bring myself to buy something pink or ruffly, in case it's a boy.  I can force it on a girl, but a boy - no.  Lavender, though, I think that color would work for both.

Of course, I could change my mind and all that rationalizing goes right out the window.  Jason wants to find out.  And since he's really good at keeping secrets (too good), it will work, unless I drive myself crazy thinking about the fact that he knows and I don't.  Apparently, I love torturing myself.

As to what gender we think we're having - Jason is dead convinced it's a girl.  Now, don't get all mushy - it's not 'cause he's such a girl lover.  No, he was raised with three sisters, several aunts and several female cousins - he knows how to deal with girls.  

I think we're having a boy, maybe.  My leading theory is because I like being contrary to Jason.  Two of my girlfriends also think we're having a boy, so I might be on to something.  

No new cravings - well, I was lovin' pickles this past weekend.  Apple juice is no longer my friend - it gave me horrible stomach pains and gas bubbles, so it is dead to me now.  

And that's about it.  Thanks for reading - esp., you, Hilleri ; )