Wednesday, March 18, 2009

11: Donkey Basketball

We got some very exciting news this week - our dear friends, Hilleri & Sam, our expecting too!  And she's due a week before me, making her my second friend due about the same time I am.  Which is fantastic.  I now have a friend in two of my friend "camps" having a baby, so Baby D will generally have another babe to play with.  And, I have two ladies I can talk to obsessively about pregnancy and babies.  I've been trying not to bore my non-pregnant friends, so it's great to have an outlet.  

I've been having strange flavor combo cravings that just don't work out.  I'm going to share them here, just in case you're ever possessed to try them - don't.  Pickles and pink lemonade - yuck.  Chocolate sorbet and marshmallows - no.  Fruit pie and chocolate soy milk - meh.  Oh, and the marshmallows gave me heartburn.  Or perhaps the egg whites in the sorbet did.  Either way, no fun.

So, in non-baby related news - Donkey Basketball.  I first came across this term a couple weeks ago while visiting my grandma - it was advertised on the reader-board at the school across the street from her house.  I thought it was a variation of the game Horse.  Alas not.  Jason learned this week that it is, in fact, exactly like it sounds (when he said that to me, I thought, "Donkeys actually playing basketball?!?"  but not that exact).  It's almost exactly like it sounds - people riding donkeys and playing basketball.  To raise funds for charity.

Let me say that again - Donkey Basketball is a charity game in which people ride donkeys and play basketball.

I'm not sure I've ever heard anything more ridiculous.  Upon hearing the description, I almost jumped out of bed and started packing - I can't believe I live in a town where that is: 1) considered an actual activity; 2) people pay money to watch it; and 3) so many people pay to watch it that it can be used as a fundraiser.  You know I love small town living, but this is asking too much.  Despite it being completely and utterly asinine, I worry about the donkeys.  They can't be having any fun and probably get hurt.  

So, there you go, people.  Donkey Basketball.  I just Googled the term and it's apparently not unpopular.  I don't have the stomach to post any pictures.  And I don't want such images disgracing my site - it's bad enough I felt compelled to write about it.

And don't you just know - my child will grow up to become a champion Donkey Basketball player.  And yes, I'll attend every game.


Hilleri said...

Glad you are feeling well. I only crave fruit. I can't seem to get enough of it. Oh and sour candy!
Sam is gearing up for Reno on Thursday. I hope he wins money for the baby's college fund :)

amandaw said...

Um, I feel if you have ever claimed to be white trash that this was an important thing for you to witness. I do believe I have known about donkey basketball for some time, however have never participated. I have entered into an ostrich bowling league-but no one won in that fundraiser;)

Nanimal said...

hahahahahahahahahahah..... oh as soon as i started reading I was worrying about the donkeys. HUmans can be so damn weird. if they want to do such thangs can't they just climb on another dimwits shoulders? and we can call it jack ass basketball? Jackasses riding jackasses.... I'd see that. might pay money for it too.

I did love that you accept the fact that your kid will want to play (just to spite you at one point). that made me laugh in agreement. then they will feel remorse and all will be well. heh.

heathre said...

i'm shocked that otsego didn't have donkey basketball...or maybe they did and i'm blocking it out...

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