Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Perfect 10

So, did you know that a baby's intestines develop in the umbilical cord, then "travel" into the baby's body?  Whoa.  I also learned that this week, the baby's kidneys are developing and producing a lot of urine.  Yuck.

Not much to report, expect my appetite has ramped up.  I'm now eating about 7 meals a day.  And I don't have cravings, per say, but things that didn't use to sound good, now sound good - like Jello.  And pickles.  Yes, I've become that cliched pregnant lady.  Chai is my new favorite beverage.  I still haven't re-tried apple juice.  

This past weekend we visited my grandma, who keeps doing better (in small increments), and we told her that we're going to have a baby.  Her reply?  "I didn't think you wanted to have kids!"  I was too shocked to ask where she had heard that, and, with her memory, I doubt she'd even remember.  But the next day she was excited and gave the baby a calendar.  Definitely a unique baby present - though it is a very sweet calendar.

Over the next two weekends, Jason and I are going to attempt to replace the flooring in our upstairs - the kitchen, living room and hallway - for those familiar with Casa de Davidson.  We're planning laminate of some kind.  Or perhaps linoleum that looks like wood.  We'll see.

And I've been promised a new couch for our fifth wedding anniversary, April 3!  Our budget is only $300 - so if you know where one can purchase a nice couch for $300, please let me know.  Ikea starts at $400.  We love a challenge, though, right?

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