Friday, May 29, 2009

21 Weeks: Over the Hump

This has been the best pregnancy week so far.  I've really enjoyed knowing baby's gender - much more than I thought I would - and it's been fun sharing with people and referring to her as "Aggie."  I've felt great - been sleeping well, getting exercise and only needed to take one nap (after a weekend of 6 naps).  Still haven't felt any definitive movement, though maybe I've felt something.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Jason laid new laminate flooring in the baby's room and 
the hallway - it looks fantastic.  But poor Jason, it was much slower, tougher work than either of us expected.  I wasn't much help - between the 6 naps and not being able to bend over much because it made my tummy sore - he did 99.8% of the work.  And he had to lay the flooring the room twice.  The first time, we left the carpet pad down because it was in great shape, but it made the floor very bouncy.  So, we pulled it up, tore up the pad and then he relaid the floor.  He was quite the trooper.  The picture is of the baby's room, which is still functioning as the cat's room.  Once my mom arrives in for the summer, we'll start decorating.

Jason and I have been slowly realizing just how much this baby is going to change our lives.  And that we have no way of really preparing for it.  That it's best just to be open to the change and let it unfold as it happens.  It's exhilarating, really, to be so open.  I normally try to plan and prepare for everything.

I must confess, though, today wore me out.  I worked a full day, then ran errands, picked up the dog, went to the park, ran more errands then came home and fed all the pets.  And I'm pooped.  I can't imagine the fatigue that scenario will gain once a baby's added.  


amandaw said...

hang in there'll do great! Sorry we didn't come help with the floor! Bad friends!

Hilleri said...

The floors look great Jason! I tried to help Sam with yard work but found it hard to bend over and pull weeds. I think I took care of 3.
Glad you are enjoying this time :) Can you believe how fast the past 5 months have gone by!

heathre said...

yay, i can't wait to meet aggie :) and the new floor looks FAB!