Thursday, November 12, 2009

Month 1

I'm going to try to get this written while Aggie is giving me a moment of freedom.

Pictures are HERE.

Things are going great - truly. I can't believe she's already a month old - on one hand it seems like we brought her home just yesterday and on the other it seems as though she's been a part of the family forever. I think everyone has adapted nicely to her arrival - the pets pretty much ignore her and Jason and I have fallen into a good routine. While she was pretty mellow the first couple of weeks of her life, once her grandparents left town, she got grumpy. Not all the time - generally if I hold her, she calms down. Having gas seems to be at the root of her grumpiness. I'm trying to cut out dairy and we're going to try a different formula to see if that can make her gas easier for her to pass (we're doing a breast feeding/bottle combo).

What else? She travels awesome in the car - just falls right asleep, just like me. She and Bella sit in the back together - very cute. She also likes riding around in the Baby Bjorn, which is especially great, because I can strap her in and then putter around the house or go for a walk.

Many have asked how Motherhood is going but to be honest, I don't really feel like a mom yet - I feel like a very special caretaker. I equate motherhood with having to impart wisdom and guidance - right now, I just change diapers and outfits, feed and sing to her. But I enjoy doing those things, except when she's screaming at me. We have had talks about the screaming - I tell her she can be as loud as she wants, but she shouldn't scream or yell at me when she's upset. So, maybe I am mothering.

Things I miss from my old life - being able to go to the bathroom and shower when I wanted, and to run a quick errand. Let me tell you - if you're pregnant or thinking of becoming so, run all the errands you can! Once the baby's here, you have to pack the diaper bag, feed, change and put the baby in the car seat/stroller/carrier before heading out, which can take an hour plus. It can be worth it just to get out of the house, though.

My favorite things - when she falls asleep on my chest; her smiles (which mainly happen when she's asleep); kissing her neck; her big blue/brown eyes; when she reaches out for me; when one eye crosses and she looks like Jerry Lewis; when she sticks her tongue out; listening to Jason talk to her; and getting 3+ hours of sleep in a row. Oh, and this genius invention HERE.

Her nicknames: Muffin (Jason calls her that); Punkin (I do that); Fuss Budget (me again); and Aggers (both of us).

Who she's met: her great grandmothers; her paternal grandparents; 2 of her 3 maternal grandparents; her great uncle Carter; the Workmans; the Wests; the Bailey-Osborns; and Jason's co-workers.

My favorite picture:


heathre said...

oooh, i can't wait to see you guys tomorrow and meet miss aggie!!

carmen said...

Love it all!! The pics, the tales of the first few days. Enjoy it.

Hilleri said...

Hey Cora,
I also do not feel like a mom yet. Sam sent me a text that said "Hi Mom" with a picture of Ailie and I thought he was forwarding me a text that he send to his mom.

Ailie had the worst gas and we changed her formula and it made all the difference. We are using Similac Sensitive.
I am enjoying a quiet moment. Ailie is sleeping and I am on my second cup of coffee :)
I look forward to getting the girls together again!
~ H

sunnywave said...

xoxo hugs, cora!!!! you are mothering in many, many, unspoken ways...oh little aggie is so lucky!!! enjoy!! :)