Thursday, December 10, 2009

Month 2

In the past month, it seems like Aggie has come out of her little baby shell. She's starting to talk - just oohhhs - but they're deliberate oohhhs. And she'll move her mouth, as though mimicking speech. I love our little chats. She smiles when awake. She looks at things. It's awesome.

I also love when she's laying flat on her back on my lap, head dangling over my knees, and I pull her up - the look on her face when I do that, the chubbiness of her cheeks, the arch of her neck. Then I plant a big kiss on her cheek and lay her back down.

The kisses and the chats are what I miss most when I'm away.

My one pet peeve - she's started fighting sleep. At two months old. It's going to be a long childhood. Four hour naps, please come back. Or at least start sleeping through the night.

Unfortunately, my kisses gave Aggie my cold - her first. Mainly, she's congested. Jason really stepped up, taking two days off of work, taking her to the doctor and suctioning her nose like a mo-fo. Her little voice has gotten hoarse, so she gives these really sad, little squeaky cries. She's steadily getting better, poor girl.

I started back to work at the beginning of December - just 3 days a week. When I'm at work, she's goes to a sitter, who's just awesome. She sends me Aggie updates during the day. People have asked if it's hard to be back and the first day it was. I kept wanting to run to the sitter's to give her kisses. But after that, it's not been hard. I really, really appreciate having me time back. I get 40 min. in the car during my commute, all by myself, to do what I want. I get adult interaction with really cool people. I get to do work that is meaningful to me. And I get to be with her more days than I'm at work. All of it makes me a more relaxed mom - I'm not taking the time I do have with her for granted (as much). I think some people doubted that I would want to go back to work, but I always knew I would want to, that I couldn't be me without having a job. I'm really grateful that this is working out and working out so well.

Next week, Aggie has an in-depth hearing test. After she was born, she had three hearing tests and none could get conclusive readings in the left ear. I think she at least has partial hearing in that ear. I'm not too worried. Even if she's partially deaf in that ear, there's so much that can be done finding out now. Plus, it will make it easier to talk about things she shouldn't know about while she's around - just stand on her left side (so just kidding).

I've been focusing more on self-care. I've started seeing an acupuncturist/chiropractor, and I'm seeing my psychiatrist. I'm managing my OCD all right - the lack of sleep and added stress have ramped it up a bit. So, I am going to see about increasing my medication to help with managing it.

While I was pregnant, I had so many people in my life tell me how excited they were about the baby. And now that she's here, none of them will baby-sit or change a diaper. Just kidding. Now that she's here, they are even more excited and full of love for her. It's like she has a fan club. And I love that. And appreciate it more than I can ever express. For her to have love from so many different sources is just amazing and will make her life blessed. Thank you.

Favorite pic of the month (thanks, Aunty Heather):


heathre said...

LOVE the baby aggie updates. :) i'm so happy things are going so well. she's lucky to have such awesome parents (and of course - aunties and uncles :)

Hilleri said...

What Heather said :)

sunnywave said...

omg love the 'picture of the month'! beautiful! thanks so much for sharing! btw, i totally get the work/family balancing act. you are amazing. xoxox