Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Haven't been feeling the best this past week. I think I let myself get pretty dehydrated. It's been super hot here. But, I've been drinking lots of gatorade, eating soup and watermelon and I think I'm on the mend.

Friday afternoon Jason and I leave for DC. I have a work conference there and he's never been, so we're taking some extra days and making it a vacation. I'm excited to get far away from the every day. Plus, it will be fun to explore DC with a newbie. I don't have much on my list of must-sees, since I've been to DC 3 times, but I do want to visit the National Geographic Museum and the Smithsonian art museums. And!!!! As part of the work conference, I get to lobby Oregon's two Senators - I'm so excited!

Oh, yeah, the baby. She's been good - moving a lot at certain times of the day on a pretty consistent schedule. In the evenings, she likes to rest on my sciatic nerve, causing my right butt cheek to spasm, making walking impossible. Fun times. Rolling over at night has become an Olympic event. It really should be a sport - can you imagine dozens of pregnant women rolling over in beds, being critiqued by judges on the quickness of the turn, the arc of the turn, how quickly they can settle comfortably and be back asleep and if they wake their fellow bedmates or not. Right now, I'd only get a score of 2.5 out of 6.0.

Once we return from DC, I have another doctor's appointment in which I get to take the infamous glucose test, where you drink a super sugary substance, hang out, then they test your blood or urine or something. If I'm very lucky, I'll just be tired after the test from the sugar rush - hopefully I won't also have a headache and feel the need to vomit.

No post next week - 28 - since I'll be away, away, far away from computers.

Much love.


Hilleri said...

Have a fun and a safe trip Team Davidson!
The glucose test is painless but boy did it give me an instant headache! I had to down it on the way to my doctor's appointment. I got stuck in traffic and decided to read the small print it said that one side effect is fainting. I am glad that I didn't faint hopefully you won't either! Good luck :)

Hilleri said...

Well I just found out that I "Flunked" my glucose test. So I get to do it again. Fun times. Hope you pass :)

Nanimal said...

Hey cutie! hope the trip was fun

Hilleri said...

So it looks like I have gestational diabetes. I have an appointment with a nurse and dietitian this week. They will teach me how to check my glucose levels and what foods are best to eat. I am of course not happy but also know that it will not last forever!