Thursday, July 23, 2009

28 & 29

Well, we survived the DC trip. Just prior to leaving, I learned that I was quite anemic and developed a lovely cough that was allergy related. Traveling seemed to exacerbate both. Poor Jason - he was quite the trooper - taking care of me, getting little to no sleep (thanks to the coughing) and still managing to have some fun. I'm finally on the mend but still plagued by hacking fits.

The baby is doing great. I saw the doctor Monday and all looks good. And I passed my Glucose test, which wasn't bad at all - nothing like the horror stories I'd read. I worry about tempting the fates by saying this - but the baby is super nice about her kicking. She doesn't do it too often, it's never very hard and only once has she found my bladder. Now that I've written this, let the kicking rampage begin.

While we were in DC, my mom took care of the pets and painted her little heart out. The baby's room is now a lovely shade of light blue, our kitchen a fabulous bright blue and one of the living room walls a shade of apricoty-yellow that we're not sold on (we picked the colors, not her). She also painted our dresser and spray painted my bed side table gold, which looks awesome. And she washed all the baby clothes, the baby bedding and my car and cleaned the house. The woman is the Energizer Bunny.


Hilleri said...

Hope you feel better soon! I too have low iron and have to add another iron supplement to my daily mix. I think Miss West is going to come early. We need to get our room and house ready just in case.
Have a good week and welcome back!

carmen said...

Go mom!! I am so glad your mom is helping you out. Take care of yourself.

Nanimal said...

wow... does she wanty to come and visit me???

sunnywave said...

wow!!! so lucky!!!! :) glad the pregnancy is going well and now all the baby clothes are ready for baby d!!!!