Wednesday, July 29, 2009

10 to go

Let the countdown begin! I can't believe that next week, we'll be in single digits. We're pretty much prepared for her arrival, meaning we've got most of what we need - all we have left is to get a car seat. No, her room isn't finished or the crib put together nor do we have nearly enough diapers. But, we've got almost all we need to welcome her home. Hopefully she'll give us another 10 weeks to finish the to-do list.

This weekend we head to Portland for 2 baby-showers! I'm excited to be celebrating my friends' impending arrivals, as well as my own.

My coughing and allergies are slowly getting better. I still sound very hoarse and everyone asks if I have a bad cold. Maybe in another week I'll have my regular voice back.

Last Sunday, Jason and I (and Bella too) went to Jubilee Lake, about an hour from our home. We took our inflatable kayak out on the lake and paddled around. I even paddled - it was great to get some physical activity that didn't leave me almost immediately out of breath. But, I did strain some abdomen muscles on my left side and boy do they hurt. But they got sore the next day, so we had a great time on Sunday enjoying the out-of-doors.

We're starting the mighty hunt for childcare. It's hard - on the one hand, I absolutely believe in having others care for my child. I was a day care kid and I think I greatly benefitted from interaction with other adults and children. On the other hand, I don't want anyone else to take care of my baby, especially when she's so little. I'm hoping to figure out a way to postpone day care until she's 3 months, but I'm not sure that will be possible. We'll probably only be able to afford me taking 6 weeks maternity leave, then back to part-time for 3 months. I'm fairly sure my work will let me work from home part of the time, but I will need to go into the office for some of it too. And I can't and don't want to bring her into work with me. For one thing, I work at a place where bomb threats are not entirely unexpected (not that we've ever had any but it's a hazard of where I work) and I would hate to subject my co-workers to a screaming baby. Sigh.


Hilleri said...

We are looking forward to celebrating with you guys this weekend :) Hang in there with the childcare hunt. We visited a lot of places until we found one that we felt comfortable with.

Nanimal said...

oi.... let the worrying start... then comes the guilt. 2 of the pals I keep with me all the time since parenting. Luckily joy, goofiness, sweetness and awe are also part of the package...

sunnywave said...

good luck in finding great childcare!!! (i was weirdly lucky to put it off until the squirrel was six months, and then it was only part time.) we love our sitter, though, and cried when it was time for squirrel to start pre-pre school. (good lord, waiting lists, tuition aid, etc. thought financial aid didn't start until college! ha ha ha.) can't wait to tell our sitter about baby #2. :) you will find a great balance, i know it. our sitter had tiny babies (6 weeks+) and they just blossomed--so sweet. when we go back (i.s. squirrel's school holidays) we see them all grown up and thriving and happy. xoxoxoxo love and hugs, we're rooting for you.