Friday, August 07, 2009

9 to go

We're in single digits now, folks! Which is not as frightening as I thought it would be, despite still having much to do. Well, the only thing we really need to do in order to bring her home from the hospital is buy and install a car seat. The rest is just icing.

I saw my baby doc last Friday - baby is doing great, with a strong heart beat and my stomach has the right measurements, so we assume she's growing well too.

The doc was very concerned about my cough and thought I had a lung infection, so she put my on antibiotics (my third round since getting pregnant) and it has cleared most of it up - hallelujah! I see my regular doc today in the hopes she can help get the last bit cleared up.

So, we are up to our eyeballs in baby clothes (much of it pink - yech). Jason's coworker brought him three garbage bags of baby clothes yesterday. Seriously, we have so much clothing, we could dress her in an outfit once and then just throw it away (we won't do that, though). Once we have a dresser, we'll sort through the stuff and give away some of the bounty (though not any of the super cute things we got at our showers).

On a non-baby related note, Jason and I are headed to Lewiston this weekend to help move my grandma and my great aunt into assisted living. They'll be sharing an apartment. Again I say, hallelujah! Fingers crossed that it works out and they stay, at least through the winter.

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Hilleri said...

WOW I can't believe that it is single digit time! I'm at 8 and still think she will arrive two weeks early.
Good luck with the move and I am so happy to hear that your cough has gone away.