Wednesday, August 19, 2009

7 to go!

I think our nesting instincts are starting to kick in. I washed more of her clothes and blankets and bought everything on our "Need to Have" list. Jason cut down all the trees that lined our deck, spread the beauty bark hiding under them, trimmed the rose bushes and put up the floor trim in the baby's room. This weekend, I plan to work with my parents on setting up and decorating her room. And clean out the hall closets, so we have space for her stuff. And if I thought we'd have time, I'd paint the ceiling in the kitchen too.

I've been suffering from some nausea for the past couple of days - not sure if it's a stomach bug (thanks, Victoria) or late onset morning sickness. Saw the doctor last Friday and baby is doing great. When she moves now, you can see it from the outside - things are a wee bit cramped in there. So far, she's only tried a couple times to move into my rib cage area.

I got my maternity leave hammered out yesterday. Starting Sept. 14, I'll work 2 days a week from home until she arrives, then I'll have 60 days off. After that, I'll go back to work for 60 days part-time (3 days a week) and then we'll see from there. And during all this time, my benefits are paid in full (thank goodness). I think it's a pretty good arrangement. I always wanted to take 6 months off, but we just can't afford that.

So, one of the pets found our pile of cloth diapers and decided to test them out for us. They worked like a charm, and cleaned up really well. We can't decide if it was because the diapers might still have had the scent of urine on them or that one of them figured out we'll be bringing home a new member of the family soon and decided to protest. Kudos to them, though, they didn't pee on the piles of baby clothes next to the diapers.


Hilleri said...

Yeah 7 more weeks! Post pictures of her room when it is done. Sam has been painting away. I hope we can move stuff in this week.
Hope you are feeling better :)

sunnywave said...

hurray hurray!!! 7 weeks to go!!!! xoxoxoxo love and hugs, --sunnywave :)