Saturday, August 29, 2009


Jason and I ordered Chinese food the other night, and this was the fortune in my cookie:

"Your dearest dream is about to come true."

So very, very true.

While it's getting physically harder to be pregnant, I'm really enjoying this part of the pregnancy - I feel like I have a wonderful surprise waiting for me and, for once, I'm savoring the surprise. I'm very excited to meet this person - I wonder what she'll be like and who she'll become and am relishing the challenge of trying to let her do just that while meeting her needs and giving her guidance.

I've always like the quote about how becoming a parent means you live with your heart walking around outside your body. But I realize now that I already do that - my heart lives in all the people love - she'll just have a bigger chunk than most.

This week, I've finally gotten the weepiness most pregnant ladies get and have cried several times. And I'm about to do it again. I want to thank all of you who've been so supportive throughout this period in my life - giving me encouragement, advice and lots of love. Even if it was just via the internet, it has meant so very much to me. Thank you.


Hilleri said...

I always get excited to read your posts and hear how you are doing.
As close as it gets to the end I don't mind waiting. I feel like this is the best surprise ever, waiting to meet our daughter.
Hope you, Jason and baby continue to be well :)

Anonymous said...

i am so excited for you and jason, cora! sending you lots of hugs and love for your soon to be newborn. she is certainly lucky to be coming into the world surrounded by so much love and caring. and of course, to awesome parents-to-be!!!! :) --sunnywave (btw, i tried to sign in, but it told me i had errors, which is why it's posting as anonymous)

heathre said...

ok, you just made me almost cry at work :) i love you guys and cannot wait to see you this weekend. and of course, SO looking forward to meeting baby D :) xoxoxo