Wednesday, August 26, 2009

6 weeks!

Big shout out to my parents for putting together the baby's room. Oh man, they assembled the crib, making their own dowels so it would go together and could still be used as a toddler bed one day, hung the ceiling fan, created a mobile and sorted through mountains of clothing. I helped, but I also napped while they worked, went to the hardware store and bought lunch. They're amazing. Pics of the room are HERE.

And another amazing thing about the room? The only things we've purchased specifically for the room are the plant and pot, the pad on the rocking chair and the ABC poster and frame. Everything else was either donated, gifted or repurposed. I'm so proud. And very grateful for the gifts and donations - thank you!

And Rachel (the cat) has decided to sleep in the crib. It's so cute - she curls up on the pee mat (the mat designed to absorb diaper leakage). Please, no lectures about the dangers of cats and babies - once a screamer/flailer is sleeping in there, she'll steer clear.

Jason and I visited the hospital today, filling out all the paper work and taking the tour. I cried after the visit because it was all so overwhelming (though the hospital staff were super awesome). I'm facing a big task that I can't really prepare for or anticipate or control and that makes me anxious. I am trying to be honest about my fears and anxiety, so they don't erupt during delivery. I'm also reading Birthing From Within and that's helping too - I thought it was a major hippy-dippy book, but a friend told me to skip the art projects, women's circles chapters (great for some, just not me) and get to the good stuff and she was right.

So, perhaps you noticed the time on this post. Well, I was lying awake, thinking about work (not even about my to-do list, just random stuff), so I decided to get up and read for a while. Then I had the flash of genius to eat a small bowl of ice cream. Let me tell you, a bowl of sugar doesn't help one get over the inability to sleep so well. My brain isn't producing the logic so much today.

On a sad note, my great aunt passed away last week (the one living with my grandmother in the assisted living facility). She died in her sleep. My grandma seems to be doing pretty well. She decided to stay in the facility (hallelujah!) and moved into a studio. I miss my aunt, but I don't really feel sad - she lived a good life, was a great woman and died peacefully, knowing she was loved.

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