Tuesday, August 11, 2009

8 to go

Time is going by so fast! We've now gotten most of what we need to bring her home and will get the rest this weekend. I have this irrational belief that if I'm ready for her now, she'll come on time; if I'm not, she'll come early.

I saw my doc again on Friday and she prescribed me another round of antibiotics to clear up the last of my lung issues and it's working. So, no more coughing and no more husky, 3 pack a day smoker voice. I still have some ribs giving me issues. My doc said that the ribs are made of bone and cartilage and where those two meet is where they expand during pregnancy - so, essentially I'm experiencing growing pains. I don't recall growing (during my youth) hurting quite this much, but it's not constant and it's slowly getting better.

Stretch marks! I finally got some, mainly around my belly button and underneath my belly. I've been applying Vitamin E oil. I don't mind them so much.

Unrelated note - we got my grandmother and great aunt's things moved into their new apartment and they move in tomorrow. Grandma's struggling a bit, but who wouldn't - she's been in her house for 45 years. And they can have dogs at their new place, so Bella can still come and visit - those ladies love them some Bella.


Hilleri said...

Glad to hear that you got your grandmothers all moved in!
Sam is home today working on the baby room. I hope we will feel ready for her when the room is done :)

Nanimal said...

whew... glad the cough is clearing up....

the package to you is going out tomorrow.... maybe.... we have a huge car event one block from our house this week - so I have been hiding from using any roads. (Dream Cruise - very detroit-y thing... brittany came to it one year)