Thursday, September 03, 2009

5 remaining

Though, I keep telling people I only have 4 weeks left - wishful thinking or prophetic statement?

Monday was rough - I was done with being pregnant. I strained or pulled or something a muscle in my left foot over the weekend and was also very nauseated most of the day. And I had to be outside at a work event in 90+ temps. Not fun. But, somehow, I managed to survive.

We packed the bag for the hospital. Next week, we'll install the car seats.

It's another late night/early morning post - gas bubbles are keeping me awake.

Today, as I was doing some shopping in town, I had a realization - how hard must it be for women who choose to give their children up for adoption. Because I'm now so visibly pregnant, most folks will comment - ask when I'm due, what I'm having, what her name is and if I'm excited. And perhaps not all the women who choose adoption feel bad when asked those questions, but it would be hard for me.

Wow, so, this post is a bit of a downer - really, I just think I'm tired.


liv said...


sunnywave said...

wow, getting so close!! i hear you about the done-being-preggers. you are amazing. in fact women are pretty amazing in general. i laugh all the time at what we go through and yet there's the stereotype of the 'weaker sex.' talk about major of all major ironies!! hope you're foot is better! hugs, sunnywave

Nanimal said...

I totally hear you thinking about choices as you are pregnant. It's completley overwhelming. Women ARE amazing... and we are so lucky that we have partners to really let us shine and meet our full potential. I think about Jason a lot now... It was very hard on Chris to watch me give birth. amazing and wonderful - but man was he worried and just... helpless. I am so glad I was the one in the labor position as I would have HATED being in the helpless position - if that makes any sense at all. (since being in labor isn't really a power position per-say... :) )

um... I'm babbling. Hugs all around! xo