Thursday, September 24, 2009

2? 2!

Um....not much to report really. Things are going great. I'm sleeping better. The baby is moving more but that's more fun than anything. Jason is nesting by putting together emergency kits for us, rearranging furniture and reading a book about being a good birthing partner. My mom and dad move to town this weekend. And we got the second car seat (thanks so much, Amanda!) and it's installed.

We did purchase a brand new couch yesterday. A real couch - not a futon. And we paid for it with cash.
We have waited years to make this purchase - I'm very proud of us. And it's so comfy! The pets have already licked and scratched it but it shows no signs of it! Next purchase will be a coffee table. The main requirement for it - that it be of an appropriate height for a toddler to color at. The things you consider when becoming a parent.

One rant - a rant for all my pregnant friends out there. I was talking to a woman (a never-been-pregnant lady) on Monday about the baby and she said, "Cora, I think I'm more excited about this baby than you are!" Thankfully, I was driving at the time, so I couldn't punch her. I was able to make a calm response, though I wanted to pull over and say, "F-off and get out of my car." For me, personally, it's difficult to maintain an emotion like excitement over long periods of time, much less 9 1/2 months. And as excited as I am to become a parent, I still have to give birth, something I'm not excited about. Also, it was 6:30 pm - after a long day of work and then 2 hours spent with 20-somethings, so I was extra exhausted. But I don't need to justify myself, that was just a plain rude thing to say. I'm working on forgiving her, since 98% of the time she is a delightful person to be around.

To repeat last week's lesson - please, I implore you - do not ask a pregnant woman, especially one 8+ months if she is excited. If you must ask her anything, ask her if she'd like a comfy chair or a beverage/snack.

And there endeth the lesson.

P.S. Shout-out to my friends, Maralea and Sid, who's due date is today!


Anonymous said...

smooches ms. cora. i really wish i was there to give you yummy snacks and beverages and sit on your new comfy couch with you :) - heathre

sunnywave said...

nice couch!!! :) hugs to you, jason, and baby-to-be!!! xoxoxox!!!!

amandaw said...

2!!!!! Holy crap! What can I do? Need me to stop by Costco and spend some more money for delicious sweet potato fries...I'll do it! Love the couch.