Thursday, September 17, 2009

Only 3 to go

It seems as though my third trimester has turned into my first trimester. I've been nauseated for much of it, I'm on the emotional roller coaster and I'm having strange cravings (spaghettios mixed with mac n' cheese, anyone?). (By the way, I haven't actually tried that...yet.)

The doc says everything looks good - she's in the proper downward position, facing my back. Her movements are getting stronger - her actual pushes can be a bit uncomfortable. And a foot or two has found it's way into my rib cage. I don't blame her, but I keep telling her that's all the room she's got. Oh yes, and I'm also the picture of health. The picture of health on swollen lumps otherwise known as feet. Good thing my pedicure is still in good shape.

Today is my first day working from home. From now until she makes her debut, I'll spend the first part of the week at the office and the last part at home. Even though I still have to work while home, at least I can sneak in a nap when I need it.

I'd like to address one issue, primarily for those of you who haven't been pregnant or it's been so long that you forgot - please don't tell a pregnant woman how soon she's due. She knows that already, better than anyone else. And don't ask her if she's excited - she most likely is, but she's also tired, swollen and uncomfortable and facing a major life changing experience - labor - that could happen at any time. If you must say something, tell her she looks radiant and offer her a comfy chair and a mango smoothie. Okay, that's what I wish people would say to me, but you get the gist.

P.S. Approximately two years ago, Hugo came into our lives. How the time has flown! He's so big now. I predict I will be saying the same thing two years from now about someone else.


heathre said...

you look radiant darling :) xoxo

Hilleri said...

I wish I lived closer to make you a smoothie :)

sunnywave said...

:) love to you!