Tuesday, September 29, 2009


How time has flown. I remember early on it seemed that this pregnancy was going to take forever. And suddenly, she's almost here.

I've been having contractions and some painful false labor. Or pre-labor. Whatev - it ain't the stuff that brings the baby out! But it sure does hurt. Yes, I foresee an Epidural in my future.

My parents have moved over to M-F but are now in Portland, so my dad can have some minor surgery. I'm glad they can be here and meet their granddaughter when she arrives, provided she doesn't do it before Thursday - something I'm not discouraging at this point. Though, for some unknown reason, I'd like her to have an October birthday.

So, really, just waiting, doing little projects, waiting, reading, waiting, watching movies and, yup, more waiting. I poke her every once in a while and say: "Are you ready to come out yet? Now would be good."


heathre said...

poke...poke. aggie, october 3rd is a great day to be born :)

Hilleri said...

Perhaps they will arrive on the same day:)
My doctor keeps wanting to check and see how far along I am and I keep resisting.
Today is my last day of work and I am so happy! I am going to relax and hope that I do not go too stir crazy. It is still strange knowing that she will be here by the weekend. In some ways it takes the mystery out of it. Oh well she could still decide to come on her own.
Enjoy the quiet!
~ Hilleri

amandaw said...