Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Time's Up!

Technically, my due date is Thursday, but today, I turn 40 weeks - or something like that. Pregnancy math is hard.

I'm doing all right - nauseated, tired and uncomfortable. I now understand scheduled C-sections and inductions. I saw a doctor yesterday (I say a doctor because he was not my regular doc, who's out of town) and he said they wouldn't let me go past 41 weeks, which is a week from Thursday. Praise the unicorns! My boss is now letting me work from home full-time, bless her. Which is extra awesome because night gowns are the most comfortable thing to wear right now, but not so work appropriate.

I had a few real contractions yesterday - wowza. When I have them, I'm trying to not fear the pain. I accept that in order for this to be over and to have our daughter, there has to be pain and I have to go through it. So, I'm trying to welcome it, in a way.

Congratulations to Sid & Maralea and Sam & Hilleri on their new babies - both born healthy and mamas are doing well. I told Aggie that she did the polite thing in waiting for them to be born first but now she can hurry up and get moving.

Special thanks to my folks who've been providing awesome assistance and support - they've turned into my house cleaners, chauffeurs and errand runners. Greatly appreciated.

Poor Rachel, the cat - she has a bladder infection and decided to alert us to it by peeing all over the baby's room. We did take her to the vet and got her some meds. Last night, she was feeling a bit frisky and jumped up on the wood stove, which had a live fire in it, and burnt her paws. Poor girl - truly a rough day. She's been mainly sleeping today. And, of course, not drinking her antibiotics.


Hilleri said...

Hang in there Cora! I hope your contractions take off.
I had a C Section and though it was not what we wanted it was what Ailie needed. My cervix was still closed after being induced. She likes to be warm like me! My doctor said she almost had to use a vacuum during the C Section because Ailie kept creeping up, funny girl.
I am relieved not to have had an emergency C Section and that Ailie was relaxed during the surgery.
Again I wish you, baby and Jason a happy delivery.
~ H

sunnywave said...

good luck, cora!!! my heart is with you on this last leg of your journey! LOVE AND HUGS!

carmen said...

Hang in there and sending some good contraction vibes your way. Have you looked into natural methods of induction??