Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sweet 16

Happy Earth Day!  The only environmentally friendly thing I plan to do today is to drive my Prius to work and take a walk in the sunshine.  Oh, and take out the recycling.  Not super Earth friendly, but it's what I got in me.

The only craving I have in an on-going one - Eggplant, specifically cooked in garlic sauce, Chinese-style.  Yum.  Not sure when I'll be itching that scratch, since the local Chinese restaurants don't serve Eggplant and Jason hates it.  Oy - me and my first world problems.

I've kinda got a belly going - it's getting harder to suck in.  It has been wonderfully warm and sunny this week, so I've been wearing dresses that enhance the belly.  

I'm a little crabby right now - had very vivid, anxiety-filled dreams last night and was also plagued by gas, uncomfortable stomach gas that lasts all night.  Granted, I ate some peanut butter last night, which did not help the situation.  I love peanut butter, but it does not love me, or should I say, my tummy does not love it and my taste buds do.  I didn't have food sensitivities until about 2 years ago and I'm still adjusting.  Before then - an iron stomach.  I miss it.

On an unrelated note, I figured out why I love living out here so much.  It's being able to see the land.  The landscapes around here are not untouched by humans - most of the countryside is farm land.  But it's land not dominated by human existence.  I can see nature in a grand expanse.  And that makes me very content.  I think it comes from spending summers in Alaska, where you might live in the city, but you can see majestic mountain ranges all round and after a 10 minute drive you can be in the middle of a forest.  I took a walk in a nature preserve on Monday and relished in the silence.  Or should I say near silence - the bees were buzzing, birds chirping, and fertilizer planes spraying fields.  But it was pretty darn quiet.  I love that. 

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Hilleri said...

Happy sweet 16! My cousin Anneke had her baby yesterday. It is a girl and her name is Mary Lou after her husband Steve's grandmother who is still living. I told Sam that Anneke would deliver early this week and that it would be a girl. Her due date was April 26th.
Have a great week, enjoy the sun :)