Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Week 14

I realized I have forgotten to share the upsides of pregnancy.  The bestest part?  No period!  For ten months!  It seriously rocks.  Not that my periods were bad or painful, just awkward, despite having them for 20+ years.  It's a nice vacation.

The second best part - gaining weight.  For the first time in 20 or so years, my focus has shifted from losing weight to gaining weight.  Even when I tried to be happy with my body and not worry about weight, it was so ingrained in my head that I still struggled with it.  Now, after workouts, I have to remind myself that the point isn't to lose weight, but to simply reap the benefits of exercise.  When I eat a salad or have fruit for a snack, it's about getting the vitamins the baby and I both need.  It's such a nice mental shift.  I hope I can maintain it once the pregnancy is over.

This week's food love - peanut butter.  So good.  I'm no longer interested in Jello, Fig Newtons or pickles.  My cravings seem to go in a weekly cycle.  

I did find a pair of maternity jeans!  And guess what?!?  They're too big - I don't have enough tummy yet to keep them up.  But once I do, I will be stylin'.  

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Hilleri said...

We got to hear the heartbeat today :)
I can't believe that 15 weeks is just around the corner. Enjoy it!!