Thursday, April 30, 2009


We had a doctor's appointment last week and got to hear the baby's heart beat.  The doctor had some trouble finding it because the baby wouldn't sit still, which is good.  On May 22, we'll have our ultrasound and find out what the sex is.  People have had some interesting reactions to us finding out about the sex - saying once we know that we can really start planning the nursery and buying things.  Personally, I like the gender neutral stuff.  It's weird to think how much baby stuff reinforces the child's sex/gender - at a time in their lives when they don't even know they have arms, much less if they have a penis or vagina.  

My belly is starting to grow and get more solid.  No new cravings.  Oh, yeah, I'm sick - again - thanks, Dad, who passed it along.  Not too bad though.

Today is my 32nd birthday.  Yesterday I went and renewed my driver's license.  I also had to get a new license picture, despite the last one being taken a little over a year ago.  Wowza - I thought my last picture was bad.  The DMV employee actually took my picture twice because the first one was so bad - well, the second one didn't turn out that great either.  It's all my head and cuts me off just under my double-chin.  Not flattering in the least.  Jason asked if I was drunk when they took it.

I got to celebrate my birthday last weekend and will again this weekend.  Jason got me some lovely maternity clothes and spent 2 hours helping me pick them out.  Apparently, maternity clothes makers assume pregnant women have huge bellies and stove pipe legs, a look that is not so flattering for the thunder thighs.  But, I found some awesome cargo pants that I just might never take off until the delivery.

And seeds - he got me more seeds to plant in our yard.  I already started a butterfly garden (flowers that will attract butterflies) and chives.  Now, I'll also have basil, spearmint, catnip and sunflowers.  Yay, spring!


heathre said...

happy birthday!! can't wait to see you friday :)

Hilleri said...

Happy Birthday Cora! Have fun this weekend :)

sunnywave said...

happy birthday, cora! it was so great to meet you finally after all these years. hugs and love!

amandaw said...

I believe I also had a favorite pair of maternity pants with Ainslee, I wore them if not every, every other get to a point where it really doesn't matter anymore-you just need to wear something to go to the store besides sweats!