Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little 15

So, I have agreed to find out the sex of the baby.  As I mentioned before, Jason wants to know and I don't.  But, just 'cause I'm the momma, I don't feel like that's a good enough reason to not have him find out.  He's good at keeping a secret, but I'm awful knowing there is a secret that I don't know.  So, I've decided not to torture myself and Jason in the weeks following him finding out and have just given in.  Though, I've given Jason permission to change his mind.  We still have five weeks before we can find out, but whew, that decision is made (that's to be read with sarcasm folks).

I had a bit of belly envy on Saturday.  I went out for my dear friend, Sarah's, birthday, along with two other pregnant ladies.  They both had beautifully round, bulgy bellies.  Me?  I have a round tummy looks like a pregnant tummy, but can be sucked in and made to disappear.  Basically, it's all fat.  Granted, these ladies are farther along than I am.  Fingers crossed I 'pop' soon.

No new cravings this week.  Feeling tired despite sleeping a lot, exercising and eating pretty healthy.  Got another pregnancy shirt - shows lots of cleavage - ooh la la.

New girl's name idea - Zelda (yes, like the princess and the writer's wife)


Hilleri said...

Yeah 15 weeks!
Like you I am tired too! My problem is that I can't sleep through the night. By the afternoon I can hardly keep my eyes open.
When is your appointment to find out the sex? Our is May 11th and I am looking forward to finding out :)
Thanks again for the pants!

Hilleri said...

Yes we are going to announce the baby's sex when we find out. We are not going to reveal the name until the birth.

heathre said...

oooh, i love Zelda!! and even though you aren't popped yet, you are looking fabulous :)