Sunday, January 21, 2007


I got a new job, y'all! Friday (at 5 pm no less) the call came from a certain, not-to-be named reproductive rights organization and service provider. I am now the new Public Affairs Field Organizer for WaWa County. Rock on! I am so excited about this. Not sure when I start -- hopefully, I can take the next week to find a place for J, the kitties and I to live and move some stuff on over and start the following week. Finally, things are starting to come together with this transition. My last day at my job in Portland was, coincidentally, on Friday -- how's that for synchronicity? Now, if the house will just sell -- all will be lovely.

Side note -- Ms. H found wine at Trader Joe's called WaWa -- and it's made by a winery in WaWa. Pretty good -- check it out if you have a chance.


heathre said...

Congrats ms. cora! i'm so excited for you and the new rockin' job. you will be very missed in ole pdx! love ms. H

culotte said...

Hey! Congrats!! ("My plan! It's all coming together! Muahahaha!")

amandanator said...

Excellent! The job sounds very cool, you'll be great! Kiss the cats and J for me in celebration.

liv said... exciting for you. good luck on this new adventure! xo