Friday, January 26, 2007

Town house rental sweet rental

Yay! We finally have a home in WaWa. Well, technically, it's in College Place, the little town that is seamlessly connected to WaWa and home of Walla Walla College, a Seventh Day Adventist institution. The town house is awesome -- 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths (!), a garage, new appliances (including a dishwasher!) and someone who mows the lawn for us. Heaven, I believe this place might be called. I sure hope it is, because we paid a hefty deposit and are now broke, but I have a feeling it will be worth it. And the landlords live on site and have twin babies (!). I already offered to baby-sit, which, now that I think back on it, might have seemed stalker-esque. But I still have the key to the place, so I must've not been too creepy.

So, this weekend will be spent prepping to move the kitties and some of our items. I will follow them via Greyhound on Wednesday and start my new job Thursday. A little hectic, but I am so glad things have fallen into place. I was beginning to doubt the move, wondering if the universe was plotting against us and trying to tell us what a big friggin' mistake we'd made.

Also this weekend -- Ms. H is throwing us a going away soiree. She's just the best lady. Ever. Truly, I do feel bad for those who are not fortunate enough to have her as a friend. She's been such a source of strength, support and laughter, throughout our entire friendship, but especially these past few months. And she's a great kittie sitter. All hail Ms. H.

Okay, gotta go shower and check out of the Budget Inn, then spend the day wandering around WaWa. Hopefully, J and I can get our act together, find the camera, and take pics of the new place in the next few weeks. But don't hold your breath. Peace out.


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awwwwnuts. i am sorry i missed your soiree. i had to do volunteer training from 9-12 and then guest lecture in a class at PSU from 1-4. i came home and crashed out on the couch only to wake up to brett knocking at the door around 10:30pm to see if i wanted to go catch a band playing. bleh. i will catch up with you all soon. just means a road trip in the spring... :)