Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Made it!

With kitties in tow. It was a rather Zen experience yesterday. I was determined to get Rachel in that gorram carrier, but not determined on the specific method, which I think made all the difference. And I knew anger at her wouldn't help the situation, so I decided to sympathize with her. After about 20 minutes of chasing her around the kitchen and living room (and, at one point, shooting water at her from the sprayer in the sink -- okay, so maybe I was feeling a tad revengeful), she ducked in the litter box to hide (as I hoped she would). I threw a blanket over the box and carried her to the massive cage and got her in. Paul was, thankfully, already in the small carrier. I knew it was a risk, but I took it anyway, and dumped him into the big carrier so they could ride together.

And when no rental car agency at the PDX airport was willing to let me rent a car and drop it off at the WaWa airport, I got crafty and rented from a rental car agency located in Vancouver, WA, which would. Ha!

Around 6:30, I finally got the kitties and their massive carrier in the car (with many bruises to me) and took off, only to realize 50 blocks later that I had left all my work clothes hanging in the closet. With a laugh, I turned around and went back for them. Kitties did pretty good on the ride. Though, every so often, Paul would start softly meowing at me, which he never does, so I'd turn off my book on tape and talk to him. Apparently, Rachel peed in the carrier, which I thought might happen, but luckily the cage is so big, they didn't have to sit in it. I pulled into WaWa around 11:30 and J and I got those kids unloaded. They were very curious and vocal, but both let me pet them, which is a fantastic sign. J and I slept horribly, with Rachel and Paul coming to report to us every few minutes, the cat outside that kept meowing and the local rooster crowing. Poor J had to go to work, but I slept in until 11:30.

Tomorrow, I start my new job! I head out at 6 am for Yakima, the main headquarters, to meet my team and receive orientation. It will be a long day, but one not filled with moving or kitties. Yay!


liv said...

yay for safely arriving with kitties in tow. can't wait to see pics of the place. good luck on your first day. i am sure you will knock them out with your superstar-ness! xo

stucky said...

Man, moving is teh suck, ain't it? I can't think of anything I hate more than packing and unpacking. I will do anything to put it off.

Nanimal said...

cool, congrats!
I am plotting a trip to Portland so hoepfully you can come in and we can sew while I am there. It will be a thurs thru Mon type thing. I'll keep you in the loop.