Monday, December 04, 2006

Organic Free Range Chicken Broth

Dooce posted this about Organic Free Range Chicken Broth. While, I could not find the humor in the phrase Free Range Chicken Broth, I found the inclusion of the term organic quite humorous. Um, does the manufacturer mean that chickens are organic matter? How can a chicken be organic? Better question -- how can it not be organic? Does it mean the chickens only ate organic matter, instead of styrofoam?

I recently learned that it's not enough that I don't eat chicken, but I should be eating free range eggs. Now, does that mean that the chickens lay the eggs willy nilly, all over the farm and they have to be hunted down, like an Easter Egg hunt? Or that the eggs are not contained to the nest, but allowed to roam the farm until it is time to go in their carton home? Or that they're laid by free range chickens who, since being free to roam, infuse this freedom into the eggs?

Very perplexing.

I know that industrial chicken farms are disgusting, cruel places and that's why I don't eat chicken. But I feel that this urge to make our foods (or make them appear to be) natural and wholesome gets a little ridiculous at times.

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stucky said...

I've always wondered about free range eggs. My housemate, who eats beef, chicken, fish, etc only buys Free Range Eggs and much organic foodstuffs. Besides most of it going bad before it gets eaten, it just seems a little silly, and very expensive.