Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Things I Love: Nasal Inhalers

Something I love, but don't often have occassion to use, are medicinal nasal inhalers.

I love that your nose automatically clears and that your nose is left a little tingly. And I think its funny that you have to stick it up your nose. Yes, I am very mature. Plus, J would add, that I am obsessed with my nostrils and keeping them clear (infer what you will from that bit of info). I thought about buying a nasal inhaler today but couldn't justify the purchase since I do not currently have a runny nose. Bummer.

So, why am I sharing this? I was e-chatting (or whatever you call it when two people are chatting on gmail but not sending e-mails) with Ms. H about my love of the nasal inhalers and she said: "Ok, you're a little weird..." All I could reply was: "Yeah, I know." So, now you too know a little bit more about my weirdness.

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