Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Solstice

My father lives in Alaska and reminds me every year of the two main solstices. The solistices -- and the abundance and lack of light they bring -- I think means more to those who live so far north. Normally, the winter solstice is referred to as the shortest day of the year. This morning on NPR, I heard it referred to as the longest night of the year. I liked that. Maybe I'll celebrate it that way, by doing my favorite night time things -- watching movies, reading, crafting, primping, drinking tea, playing with the kitties. Sounds like a plan.

I posted this picture because one thing the solstice has always meant to me is that Spring, my favorite time of year, is on its way, even though today is the first day of winter. The days are going to get longer, which means the earth will start to warm and then flowers will start to bloom, the thought of which makes me wiggle my toes. Perhaps I'll watch Amelie late tonight as part of a dual celebration of the longest night of the year and the coming of Spring.

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