Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cheesy Love Song mix

On my last video post (here), I mentioned I was making a mix of cheesy songs in response to Frema's call for such (here). I have made my mix and sent it out and I think it's a trimuph of cheesy love or love of cheese, which for me would equal blue cheese, but my mix is not that good. It's more like cheese ball good -- very yummy but a little odd since it's round and covered in nuts.

Anyway, here's what made it on to my mix:
  1. Say You, Say Me Lionel Richie (the inspiration for the whole mix making)
  2. Oh L'amour Erasure (sweet, gay-boy cheese)
  3. Heaven Is A Place On Earth Belinda Carlisle (takes me back to my middle school cheese days)
  4. Here You Come Again Dolly Parton (see video link above)
  5. Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) Christopher Cross (I heart Yacht Rock)
  6. Forever in Blue Jeans Neil Diamond (I used to think the name of this song was Reverend Blue Jeans -- even cheesier)
  7. I Say A Little Prayer Aretha Franklin (old school cheese)
  8. Ice Cream Sarah McLachlan (cheese's cousin)
  9. I Kissed A Girl Jill Sobule (lesbian cheese)
  10. Fernando ABBA (Latin America -- or is it Spain? -- revolution cheese by a bunch of Swedes)
  11. Too Much Spice Girls (never too much of SG)
  12. Love on the Rocks Neil Diamond (ain't no big surprise)
  13. Total Eclipse of the Heart Bonnie Tyler (this is THE cheese song for me -- so mello-dramatic)
  14. Every Rose Has Its Thorn Poison (love the 'yeah, it does' line right after the first verse)
  15. Love Is A Battlefield Pat Benatar (the name alone is explanation enough)
  16. Kiss Me Deadly Lita Ford (she sings about getting in fights, borrowing money from her old man and loving to dance -- how romantic)
  17. Whenever, Wherever Shakira (it just makes me wanna dance)

I have shown some restraint and not made more videos of me lip syncing to these songs. But you know I so wanted to.

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stucky said...

Your post motivated me to look up the tab for Every Rose Has Its Thorn. You will be guilty of my infliction of the song on friends and family.