Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mandarin Day: A Revised History

Happy Mandarin Day! I hope you all are enjoying the yummy goodness that is the Satsuma Mandarin.

So, a dear, sweet friend of mine posted a comment on the original Mandarin Day post, suggesting that my history of the day was a bit, well, flawed. And, I confess, it's true. I only vaguely know the history of the day, as told to me by J, who's bound to be a bit biased about who actually created the best holiday ever. But, I should have done my homework, checked my facts, verified my sources. Now that I have been enlightened, I present Mandarin Day: A Revised History:

Mandarin Day was created by my husband, J, his dear friends KW, the renowned journalist and skin diver (however, not done at the same time - he never mixes business with pleasure), and AO, world traveler, donkey officianado, and accomplished pirate.

This fabulous holiday is celebrated across the nation, in such places as Portland (where it started), Spokane and Seattle, WA, San Francisco and possibly in Chicago and Indianapolis. Maybe even Hamburg, Germany.

And the official drink of Mandarin Day? The Mandaritta.

Thank you, Ms. AW (wife of KW), for setting me straight. If y'all have time, check out her comment -- it's hi-larious.

P.S. Ms. AW -- J was offended that you referred to him as Alexander Hamilton; he said he's obviously Thomas Jefferson.

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