Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Mandarin Day!

Mandarin Day, this Thursday, December 7th (which is coincidentally Pearl Harbor Day), celebrates the yummy goodness that is the Satsuma Mandarin. Typically, Mandarin season begins about now, though this year, they arrived in the stores in mid-November but are still available.

While Mandarins resemble tangerines and clementines, they are distinguished by their "zipper" peals, lack of seeds and sweet, non-sour juice.

Mandarin Day was created thirteen years ago by my husband, Jason, and some of his friends. Generally, Mandarin Day is celebrated by eating copious amounts of Mandarins and drinking either Earl Grey tea or cocktails made with Absolut Mandarin vodka.

May the power of the Mandarin be with you!


amandanator said...

I have to admit that I was a little taken aback by the phrase "and some of his friends" when referring to the founders of Mandarin Day. That's like saying the Constitution was written by Alexander Hamilton, and some of his friends.
I do believe a more justified statement would have been as follows: "...by my husband, Jason, his dear friends Kurt, the renowned journalist,and skin diver (however, not done at the same time-he never mixes business with pleasure), and Aaron, world traveler, donkey officianado, and accomplished pirate." This I believe would be an accurate description.

Also, please note we have carried the tradition (started in Portland) to Spokane, by drinking much Mandarittas, and eating mandarin themed foods (I love the mandarin cheesecake). Hope this note finds you enhaling both! Love ya,

Valcar said...

For my initiation to mandarin day, I remember drinking mandarin drinks and eating cheesecake at a celebration held in the apartment of Kurt and Amanda in Multnomah Village. I also remember a wicked awful hangover the next day.

Anna Franks said...

Having read about Aggie's upcoming first Mandarin Day, I was so curious I did a google search. Now I know! Hope you have a great time celebrating!