Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Impatiently Terrified

Thanks for all the great feedback on my letter to the universe.  I *think* the universe has sent me a couple messages.  I think so because two opportunities that popped up terrify me, in a good way.  Both are ways for me to earn money doing my dream job.  One is self-created, the other a job at a company.  I'm being all cryptic, I know, but I don't want to jinx either, to be honest.  Oh, whatever, here's what they are:

1) Become a Blogger, with a capital B.  It seems to me to be the easiest, most fun way to get paid for being myself.  This is a life long dream of mine - to be paid for just being who I am.  Given that I am inherently pretty lazy, being easy needs to be part of it.  And being a Blogger also seems fun.  What I have realized that the inspiration to just sit down and blog is not going to arrive - I'll need to just sit down everyday and do it.  Or, as Aunty Ruu reminded me, "Fake it 'til you make it."

2) A position with a regionally renowned philanthropic foundation has opened up, a good position.  I'm going to apply - fingers triple crossed!  I did an internship with a philanthropic foundation and loved it - I find the theories and politics and practices of granting funds very interesting.  And I love the premise of nonprofits - joining together to do good for others - so having a job where I could help a wide variety of nonprofits is also very intriguing.

There's also a few jobs open with an adoption agency which also seem very interesting.  I'd like to delve more into the realm of adoption - the ins and outs, pluses and minuses, etc.  So, we'll see about that as well.

Originally, the title of this post was how I was feeling about my whole letter to the universe, but I'm feeling much different after writing this post - enthusiastically hopeful.


heathre said...

enthusiastically hopeful with a dash of impatiently terrified, i like it :) keep pushing! xoxo

Robbie+Erin said...

How wonderful that things are starting to open up and surface for you! I also think being a profesh blogger would be a dream job. Here's to hoping something great works out soon! My fingers are triple crossed for you :)