Friday, January 20, 2012

The A Team 01.20.11

I'm totally copying Erin's template for blogging updates about her babe.

+ got her first hair cut
+ built her first snowmen (Papa and Baby)
+ after growing weary of me telling her to be polite, shouted, "Polite!!!"
+ pretends to leave ("Buh-bye, Mama") and then returns with big hugs ("Mama!")
+ when her sister cries, says "ah-goo, ah-goo" to her
+ hangs out for hours in nothing but her diaper
+ rejected a princess doll in favor of a race car

+ now does multiple roll-overs to move across the floor
+ if she knows I'm around, she'll cry until I come back into her sight
+ loves eating spaghetti
+ will occasionally sleep past 7 am
+ growled at her uncle one morning
+ roars when we roar or say "Arrrrr"

+ both are adored by their aunt, uncle, cousins, grandpa and grandma
+ both really miss their papa (we've been stuck in Camas for a week due to the weather)

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