Friday, January 13, 2012

The A Team 01.13.11

The switch to part-time daycare is going well.  I pick them up just after their lunch, then we go home and they go directly down for a nap (okay, me too).  After they wake up, we do a variety of things - color, cook (both pretend and for real), take walks, etc.  And lots of RAWRing:

Yesterday, Aggie came home with a cold and spent the afternoon doing this:

She's actually awake and watching Wallace & Grommit

No pics of Mimi this week, but if we're friends on Facebook, check out the video of her getting up on her hands and knees - she is getting close to crawling!  I think once she does, she and Aggie are going to become really great play pals.  We had a play date with a 1 year old earlier this week, someone the girls hadn't met, and Aggie just walked up to her, took her hand and led her off to play.  It was so cute.

Overall, things are great with the girls.  BUT, there is one issue we're struggling with - after months of going to bed like a champ, Aggie no longer wants to go to bed.  Nap times, no problem.  Come bed time, there is no getting her to stay in bed.  We lead, plead, fight, lay down with her, all for a couple of hours - usually until 10:30 pm, then she finally falls asleep.  And it's been waking up Mimi, so I have two wakeful girls at a time I would really like to be sleeping.  My new plan is to put her and Mimi to bed at the same time (Ags has been going to bed a couple hours after Mimi) - pajamas, stories, songs, all together.  We'll see how that works.  If you have any suggestions, please share!

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carmen said...

With both of our kids when they stopped going to bed early enough ( or easily enough) we shortened or quit naps. It took us awhile to realize that as kids get older they need less sleep.