Monday, January 16, 2012

Loving all the parts

So, I am passive-aggressive. I come by it honestly; I come from a long line of P-Aers. A grand tradition, if you will.

Over the past few months, it has come to my attention just how P-A I am. I want to change. Part of that change, I believe, is to learn to understand and ultimately embrace my P-A. But all I want to do is kick my P-A, yell at it and shun it. Right now, I hate it, hate that I do it. I am reluctant to even acknowledge it. Grrr...

Any suggestions on how to embrace the thorny?

Update: I've realized two benefits of P-A:
  1. I can recognize when others are doing it;
  2. When I recognize myself doing it, it alerts me that I am not comfortable sharing my feelings openly and to figure out why.

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sunnywave said...

*hugs* to you for recognizing this about yourself! so in case you're beating yourself up for the PA today, i just want to tell you it's pretty brave to call it out in yourself and then publicize it. xoxo